Chinese IP “Gold Beak” inspires courage and confidence

“Gold Beak” is a story about the pursuit of the dream of flying. It can not only ignite the passion of teenagers, but also evoke the dreams of adults through the familiar games of childhood. The goal of flying is to fight in the air to let the adults also find that unyielding boyhood feeling.

Inspired by the well-known Chinese national game of the same name, Gold Beak builds a happy and loving animal world through subversive innovation. The film encourages Chinese teenagers to blossom the light of their dreams by tracing their own experiences and flying through the little eagle. On the other hand, it also reflects serious themes through small incisions, such as the balance within nature development and environmental protection and communication, to understand different ethnic groups, and the harmonious development of the earth’s villagers as a community with a shared future. There is wisdom and philosophy in the Chinese solution given in The eagle catches the chicken, which is very educational significance.

Domestic animated films are an important carrier of Chinese culture and highlighting Chinese aesthetics, as well as a new force to tell Chinese stories well. “The Gold Beak” breakthrough at the individual level, also explores the understanding and mutual trust among different ethnic groups, environmental protection and resource development way of balance. The film is more to the wisdom of the Oriental culture, provides the solution of the global village villagers with harmonious coexistence, so can not only touch the Chinese audience, also can allow the audience overseas to establish emotional resonance.

For example, baby eagle Jin Bao grew up in a flock of chickens that “can’t fly” and “shouldn’t fly”. It’s an adventurous eagle with a heart of flying. It tries its best to achieve its dream of flying by constantly breaking through its own cognitive limitations, and finally gets what it wants. Just like every young man who is born to pursue his dream, Jin Bao, who represents its passion and fighting spirit, recognize himself and realizes its value in the process of continuous pursuit.

They either work hard for their dreams, or are committed to justice, or do nothing for love. They also depict the different dimensions of love, dream, justice and so on in Gold Beak, which greatly enrich the story and arouse the strong resonance and recognition from audience: ” “It’s very burning and inspirational”. “The real meaning of flying is to have the freedom of the sky, but not to abuse the power of the sky! Good movie worth recommending!”

As an animation film with good quality, “the Gold Beak” reaches the international leading level. It uese animal anthropomorphism to spread Chinese traditional culture to the world, breaks the cultural barriers between the East and the West, with the international common language. It vividly conveys the struggle, equal, big love, rich innovation and harmonious development of the theme. It represents the rise of Chinese animation as well as the perspective of contemporary Chinese young people looking at the world, projecting the spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement of the current young generation.

The film received strong financial support from Suzhou Municipal Committee and Government, Wuzhong District Committee and District Government and Wuzhong High-tech Zone Management Committee. The film has also been included in the “One Belt One Road” boutique projects, bearing the expectation of Chinese animation to go international.


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