British Animation Awards

The BAA’s are back for another year on 10th March 2022. The British Animation Awards – Thursday March 10th 2022

The awards event occurs every two years. There are a wide range of award categories for 2022. The British Animation Awards promotes and celebrates the best in animation from the four home nations of the UK. The BAAs work hard to ensure the art-form is supported, promoted and celebrated in the way it deserves.

The BAA prizes are unique works of art made by outstanding artists and animators working in the creative industries and are truly one of a kind.

The short awards ceremony is followed by a memorable, fun party.

The great and the good from all corners of the UK come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements they and others have made over the last two years.

Attendees include UK broadcasters, software companies, animation studios and companies, ad agency creatives, VOD companies, post-production houses, bankers, lawyers, others involved in the entertainment business and jury members who include influential figures from the creative industries e.g writers, actors, gallery/ museum curators and art critics.

The creativity, wit, energy and diversity of the animation industry still blows me away.

Animation is an imperative part of UK’s culture, possessing huge cultural importance and significant achievements, contributing to the country’s identity, fueling children’s imagination and helping to promote the UK globally.

Animation as an art form encourages self-expression, communication and develops innovative craft skills and techniques. It has impact across the social and economic landscapes, throughout our communities and across all regions.

Animation is consistently at the forefront of emerging technologies, embracing innovation with risk taking and pioneering creative techniques.

Animation is fundamental in the current landscape of contemporary arts, as it is in new technology and cutting-edge entertainment.  The industry survives; it is resilient, constantly changing yet remains wonderful and welcoming.

It would be wonderful to get as many industries submitting their work as possible, to promote and celebrate the art-form in the way that it deserves.


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