Blockchain Technology

In the UK and US, 58% of game developers are starting to use blockchain, according to research.

According to a survey by research agency Opinion, 58% of them are starting to use blockchain technology and nearly half of respondents (47%) have started incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their projects in the United States and UK.

The study indicates developers’ confidence in blockchain technology and NFTs, as two-thirds of studios expect blockchain to become mainstream in the gaming industry within the next two years.

The highlights of this research are:

58% of game developers are starting to use blockchain

47% started incorporating NFTs into projects

72% of respondents consider implementing NFTs and blockchain in upcoming games

56% have projects to implement by 2023

The Brazilian market is also starting to get into this mindset and there is a lot of space to be explored, which is why BAYZ, Lakea, and Animus Game Studio are together to offer a full-service solution to guarantee the entry of game studios on WEB3. Through game development, blockchain integration, and community generation, the three companies help build a new generation of funny blockchain games.

About Lakea:

Lakea is a metaverse-based platform designed for the next generation of blockchain games, providing the infrastructure needed for studios and publishers to launch, build and operate their virtual worlds, using their favorite game creation tools and without having to write a single one. blockchain code line.

About Animus:

Animus is a game studio that has been in the market for more than 10 years producing copyright and commercial games and has actively participated in the advances of the industry, specializing more and more in the blockchain. Still, with a different vision: blockchain should enter as a feature in games, not as the main factor. Our development pillars are linked to the entertainment industry: competitiveness, interaction, and fun in games.

About BAYZ:

BAYZ is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on bringing people to the metaverse through blockchain gaming and play&earn engagement. With a focus on content and competitiveness, the company works in partnership with leading publishers, content creators, and gamers to help people engage with top titles to build future jobs and reward the community for doing what they love.

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