Best Dreams PS4 Creations by Players So Far

Media Molecule is known for its amazing Little Big Planet franchise and how it gave the players to create their own custom levels in the game. We have seen numerous creations in Little Big Planet which truly amazed us. Now their next project is Dreams which is even bigger than Little Big Planet and it comes with specialized tools that help players to make their ultimate creations.

Dreams was released in Early Access exclusively on PS4 back on April 16, 2019, and since then players have been busy exploring the sandbox creator and churning out some of the really cool game designs and levels we have ever seen. Dreams follows the similar formula of Little Big Planet however this time around, there are tons of more options to play around with giving players complete freedom with their creations and then uploading them for others to try them out.

Here we have collected some of the best creations by players in the Early Access as well as the earlier beta sessions which were held by the developer for the game. These are not ranked by any means and they are merely numbered to make the list look tidy as all of these creations are brilliant in their own way. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Dreams creations by players from around the world.

Solid Gears Are Metal

This amazing stealth level is made in Dreams by the creator GALX. This is one for the fans of stealth-based games. The level is brilliantly designed with a different number of enemies all behaving in unique ways and everyone is looking for you. The creator has also designed pretty neat looking vision cones which show where the enemies are looking. The cones turn red when the enemy spots you and you will spawn at the last checkpoint you passed through. The level design is pretty simple however the stealth mechanics are solid and the visual cues are no less than any AAA title we have seen in this generation.

Prometheus FPS Game Demo

Prometheus is yet another great creation by the creator ROTHNIEL. This is more than just a level because it feels like an entire game. The creator has made a whole new world for the game which is played like a traditional FPS. There is a decent selection of weapons to choose from and as you explore the dark and creepy world of Prometheus in Dreams, you will encounter numerous alien monsters which will swipe and pounce on you to deal damage. The enemy design, as well as the level design, is just brilliant.

Dead Space Scene

Although not a big one, this painstakingly accurate creation of Visceral Games’ Dead Space scene is an amazing creation by Rhodochrone. This could have been a really amazing work because from the details, we can see Isaac in his iconic suit complete with visor lights and the health bar at the back. The environment is eerily familiar with a traditional Dead Space scene however since Media Molecule announced that all projects that use copyrighted assets will be removed. It was removed from the levels section later.

Lovecraftian Horror

Another amazing horror creation, the Lovecraftian Horror takes us to the world of H.P. Lovecraft with its signature horror cues. The whole red has a red filter to it while the sky has some sort of tentacles giving the cues that a massive creature is about to burst out from the sky. This first-person level is not a very big one however it is very well-detailed and it shows how much the fans can play around with the new tools in Dreams.

The Encounter

This creation was made by Bigsurf77. The creator has announced that a full version will be released later. The short demo is set inside a space station where the player explores different areas under the guidance of a small robot. You will need the robot to open doors, push switches and many other important tasks. The level design of this game is absolutely astounding and it really shows how much potential Dreams really has. Check out the gameplay demo of this amazing level below.

Beach Pool

This next creation is a very simple one however it is one of the most authentic representations in Dreams of the sport. Billiards is a highly detailed level where you can play Billiards inside a pub in its traditional setting. The level is made by The_Arch1tect. Mechanics of the game are as close to the real deal or any other Pool game we have played on consoles or PC. Despite being called Beach Pool; the level design is inside a pub.


It is actually based on Dark Souls however it has its own unique identity. The creator of this amazing level is Morning-Nya and it features a dark and dangerous world similar to the game it was inspired from. You play as a black cat which is equipped with a sword and a shield and 5 health potions to heal itself. There is only 1 boss in the game but the level design and the gameplay is amazing

This concludes our list of some of the best creations in Dreams on PS4. There are tons of other amazing creations as well and since the game is now out in Early Access on PS4, we can expect to see more and more to arrive.


By: Umair Khalid

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