Be the Best Original Creator, the 6th Renaissance Power Animation Game Original Contest will start registration!


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The 6th New Life Power Animation Game Original Contest begins to be registered!



From now until April 30, use the PC to log in to the ACGDP platform (website: to upload your entries, win the grand prizes and prizes, and help you to move. Market welfare! See below for detailed entry methods.


Contest Highlights


New Forces × ACGDP platform

In 2019, the Forces nouvelles competition will rely on the China International Animation Game Industry Exhibition Trading Platform (ACGDP platform) to establish an online special area, with special registration services and online uploading of works to create more convenient services for participants. At the same time, relying on the ACGDP platform to integrate the resources of the government, enterprises, universities and other parties to promote the vigorous development of domestic original animation game content.

Professional review × public voting

The New Forces Competition invites the most important animations, comics, games and other categories of awards through the online solicitation project, which invites professional judges in the industry to score. At the same time, the contest opened up online popularity voting on the Internet and decided on various popular awards. The IP Venture Capital Competition requires participants to participate in the offline roadshow after submitting the project, show the project on site, and win the support of the industry’s big coffee to win.

Regular Awards × Other Benefits

On the basis of retaining the regular awards, this competition has increased the benefits of incubating and talent training, and better providing opportunities for potential talents to dialogue with enterprises and face the market. Creative talents and the latest creative content.





Best Animation Award x1

Popular original animation award x1


Best Comic Award x1

Best illustration award x1

Popular Original Comic Award x1


Best Game Awards x1

Popular Game Award x1


Most commercial value project x1

Excellent Creative Style Award x3

Excellent Organization Award*



1. The award content of the award is [Pen Award + Certificate].

2. The Excellent Organization Award is only awarded to outstanding partners (including enterprises, platforms, studios) who have recommended more than 10 works in the current competition.


 Other benefits


There are more opportunities to get the platform and capital to incubate and support.
Get professional training opportunities.
More promotional support and roadshow opportunities, as well as the exposure of CCG Young’s campus, YouTube “Chinese Anime Window” and “Belt and Road” overseas promotion.
Recommended for other international professional events.
Derivative product licensing development and offline activities support.
There will be more benefits.


Entry Method


Please register and use the PC to log in to the China International Animation Game Industry Exhibition and Trading Platform (ACGDP platform, website:, click on the New Forces Competition area page, and follow the process. Registration, please complete the copyright notice of the contest’s works after completing the registration. After confirming the correctness, upload the work as required.

The organizer will confirm the receipt of the entry with the entrant by replying by email and station letter. (ps: If the organizer cannot contact the author due to improper filling or omission of personal information, the consequences will be borne by the author)


Competition Time

Call for Works: From now on – April 30

Finalist Notice: mid-May 2019

Venture Capital Line Roadshow: July 2019

Awards Ceremony: On the evening of July 4, 2019

Excellent Works Show: July 4th – 8th, 2019 (Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall)

Overseas City Exhibition:

April 2019, Thailand

Côte d’Ivoire, May 2019

Central Europe, September 2019

Malaysia, December 2019


Entry Requirements


Entries: Projects that can be completed between 2017 and 2019, or projects that are still in the planning incubation phase and require expert and financial support.

Participants: Individual / Team / Studio / Student.




China International Animation Game Expo Organizing Committee


Shanghai Xuan Moving Exhibition Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.


ACGDP animation game industry platform

Shanghai Animation Industry Association IP Special Committee

Global ACG Base

New comic contest

Ou Manda High Group

Full-fire entertainment

IMGA Mobile Game Contest

Video Zone Cooperations

China Telecom Shanghai Corporation Smart Home Operations Center


Consulting Methods


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us↓


Phone: 86-21-64183583

PS: The competition is looking forward to cooperating with the industry’s small partners. Interested parties are welcome to hook up, the contact information is the same as above.

About New Forces: This activity is backed by the powerful platform of CCG EXPO China International Animation Game Expo. It cooperates with the domestic animation, game industry and related institutions to promote the vigorous development of original animation content with the vitality of creative ideas. To lay a solid social foundation for China’s transformation from an animation country to an animation power.

May the original strength be with you.


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