“Aquaman” is Shortlisted for Academy Awards Best Visual Effects in Primary Election

The new DC superhero movie “Aquaman” produced by Warner Bros. will be released on Friday. Recently the film is also shortlisted for the 91st Academy Awards Best Visual Effects in the primary election. This good news will undoubtedly rise fans’ expectations for the release of the film. In addition, in the latest officially exposed “Brothers in Final Battle” poster, the Aquaman and the Ocean Master Orm confront each other fiercely with weapons in their hands while the two of them spoke harsh words to each other in the battlefield in the trailer, with more earth-shaking scenes exposed. What impact will the relationship between the two brothers have on the battle of the Seven Oceans? For the director James Wan who has once directed “Fast & Furious 7”, how will he create a submarine visual wonder that subverts imagination? On December 7th, follow Arthur to start the underwater adventure!

Arthur & Aum in Fierce Battles Underwater

The Two Brothers Start Battles to Contend for Hegemony 

In the latest exposed poster, the battle is about to start between the Aquaman wearing golden armor with a trident in his hands and the comprehensively armed Master Orm, both of their styling perfectly restoring the original in the comics. In the trailer, the ambitious marine lord Aum and the brave and wise Arthur are about to start a war and contend for hegemony in the battlefield. Orm screamed arrogantly: “Arthur, go home. Never go back to Atlantis”, “You can’t win. Whether you want it or not, the land will finally usher in war”. Arthur responded domineeringly, “I won’t let this happen”, which perfectly expressed the king’s demeanor of guarding the Seven Oceans. In the trailer, Arthur said in anger and resentment: “Once my brother had been the person I wanted to see most. If only I had known that he would turn mad.” The looming sorrow between words seems to reveal the affectionate entanglement between the half – blood brothers. At the same time, the scenes of several ocean – land wars in the film are also surprisingly exposed, in which the magnificent buildings on the seabed were bombarded with gunfire, the palaces on the land hit by a spaceship and the sudden tsunami even more thrilling. Despite the uncertain future, in the turbulent world of wars, the amazingly beautiful Mera with red hair has always fought side by side with Arthur, which is quite moving. Who can win this thrilling hegemony – contending battle between brothers? Walk into the theater and witness the results on December 7th!

Master Orm Appears Underwater Ambitiously

The Underwater World is Wonderful with Rich Elements

At the time when the film is about to be released, it received positive acclaims from home and abroad, which aroused audiences’ anticipations for it. Recently, the media and Internet Celebrities who participated in the early viewing of the film also gave it high praises. “After viewing, the audience spontaneously screamed and applauded”, “Maybe the most marvellous DC movie so far”, “It will definitely be an impressive one among superhero movies.” There are countless praises like these. The marvellous visual effects in the film also received wide praise: “A superhero work with unconstrained imaginations”, “From special effects to scheduling and editing, James Wan has played up to his top level”, “With exquisite underwater world and magnificent underwater wonders, the film can be called ‘underwater Avatar’ and underwater Pandora”, “Atlantis’s epic war is magnificent, comparable to “Star Wars” and “The Lord of the Rings”. In addition, the wonderful action scenes in the film are also very popular: “The Acrobatic performances of Aquaman blast across the sea, land and air”, “the spaceship’s chasing is dazzling and fascinating, as if moving “The Fast and the Furious” to the bottom of the sea. The adventurous trips searching for the Trident is equally enjoyable, reappearing “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. As the pioneer of the Aquaman movie series, the director James Wan’s directing skill is also affirmed: “James Wan is seemingly possessed by Cameron and Peter Jackson, integrating a set of elements like action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, superhero. Go and witness the underwater miracles on December 7.

Produced by Warner Bros. and directed by James Wan, the DC superhero movie “Aquaman” is co – starred by Jason Momoa (“Justice League”), Amber Heard (“Justice League”), Patrick Wilson (“The Conjuring” series), Nicole Kidman (“The Hours”), Willem Dafoe (“Spider – Man 2”), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II “The Get Down”) and other Hollywood stars. The film will premiere in China on December 7th, and its pre-sale has fully started.

"Brothers in Final Battle" Poster
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