AppMagic provided special benefits for BIG participants

BIG partner AppMagic provided special benefits for all participants of this year’s conference. Each of you is entitled to get 1 month full free premium access to AppMagic – a powerful tool for mobile app market research and data analytics.

AppMagic is a great tool! It provides unique insights and dashboards you wouldn’t find in other app data providers. AppMagic helps understand app trends in general and precise details if you need to dig in. Arseniy Alikhanov,Industry Manager.

How to figure out what game to develop next? What market segments are trending? Which new competitors are growing faster than you do and why?

These questions are tough and answering them is crucial. AppMagic’s analytical toolset can help you deal with this challenge.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Access to all research tools and data on app revenue, downloads, LTV, featuring and etc.
  • Educational materials describing best practices of doing market research
  • A demo call with AppMagic’s experts to help you get maximum value out of the tool

Page that briefly explains what AppMagic is capable of: click here!

Xsolla is excited to help BIG attendees to grow their global gaming business with expanded payment methods, targeted products for mobile gaming, customer retention solutions, and effective revenue generation tools.


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Now you can quickly and securely add NFTs to your game economy. Elevate the player experience and give them the ability to make purchases using their method of choice for in-game items and other branded digital content.

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