Another Breakthrough for Domestic Animated Films – U17 Pictures Seeks the Way out with Super IP

As the animation market gradually matured, to make another breakthrough becomes a new challenge for the animated film industry. As the pioneer of domestic original animation platform, U17 Pictures insists on putting content at the foremost position, making great contributions to the development of domestic animation industry. The gateway to China’s Entertainment Industry- entgroup – held a Pan-Entertainment Sharing Salon with the theme of “exploring the developing pattern of domestic animated films”, discussing the current situation and future prospects of domestic animated films in the aspects of pre-development, post-production, promotion and so on.

(U17 co-operates with Entgroup to hold the theme salon “Exploring the developing pattern of domestic animated film industry”)

Diversified Themes and Unlimited Creation Become a New Trend of Animated Movies

Liu Cuiping, research director of Entgroup, first brought “Chinese Animation Film Market Research Report” which rounds up the current situation of Chinese animation film market. In the past five years, Chinese animation film market has maintained an average growth rate of 32%, but films with a box office exceeding 500 million only account for about 60% of the entire Chinese animated film market share. Seen from a comprehensive perspective, domestic animation mainly assemble in second- and third-tier cities, and imported animations account for more in first- and second-tier cities. At the same time, the puerility of domestic animation is gradually weakening, and family animation grows the fastest and becomes diverse.

(Liu Cuiping, Research Director of Entgroup, shared Chinese Animation Film Market Research Report)

As a director of the domestic professional animation production company GDC, Shen Yu, talked of domestic animation creation, saying that animated films can be created freely without being restricted by conditions and reality, which is exactly the charm of animation. He emphasized that an animated film should not adopt a fixed mode in the process of creation, and the storyline should have pre-stage foreshadowing and the four steps of opening, developing, changing and concluding. When paying attention to the future planning of the Chinese animation film market, Ma Xinran, brand director of the Mili Pictures, pointed out that family movies are needed by the market. Adhering to the original intention of the animator and the rules of the animation market, creating animation works with an educational function and positive energy, the entire industry can develop better.

(Shen Yu, the director of GDC, gave a keynote speech on “There is no shortcut to animation creation”.)

(Ma Xinran, brand director of Mili Pictures, gave a keynote speech on “Turning Point of the Animated Film Industry”.)

With the rise of the domestic animation derivative market, the integration of the movie, animation and games as well as post-development of IP has become a hot topic in the industry. The director of the production department of U17 Pictures, Yang Lu, also shared the development mode of the IP projects of U17 Pictures platform. Methodology, “Content development is a very difficult process that contains many uncertain factors. Even the success of some works depends on changes of the market. Under this circumstance, U17 Pictures is aimed at the youth and adult film & television culture market, trying to form a complete IP industrial chain that creates an IP and then operates it, and make it sustainable through extending its IP content.”

(The production department director of U17 Pictures, Yang Lan, shares the animation project.)

In line with the theme of the salon, Yang Lu introduced to the present guests the super popular IP Die Now, School Shock SOE and hu x heyaoshilu produced by U17 Pictures, interpreting their story line, content structure, clicks, fan base and so on. U17 Pictures is committed to form a complete IP industrial chain, IP-centric, deeply explore the IP value, create sustainably-developing works in the future and integrate all areas of pan entertainment.

 (8 elaborate IP including Die Now and School Shock SOE.

One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II won the prize, while U17 Pictures Keeps Creating Elaborate IP

In the meanwhile, the most influential industrial new media in ACG, 3wyu successfully held the first AniSpark Domestic Original Animation Festival in Shanghai. A number of industry masters, well-known directors and screenwriters witnessed the original animation conference. The animated film One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II produced by U17 Pictures won Best Script and Best Director of animated film. The film series One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes has greatly promoted the development of domestic animated films, which has aroused industrial attention and become the focus of various IP developers.

(One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II won Best Script and Best Director of animated films.)


As an original comics platform, U17 Pictures has made abundant achievements in building IP, giving birth to a number of domestic animated classics, such as School Shock, Rakshasa Street, Die Now and Kaifeng Strange Tale, creating excellent data performance in comics and animation and achieving great success in developing live-action drama. Besides, U17 Pictures is dedicated to developing the IP industrial chain, integrating book publishing, animation adaptation, game adaptation, music production, peripheral product development, stage drama, film & television and other cultural & creative industries. Full. Having been established for 9 years, U17 Pictures will adhere to the platform’s positioning, develop better content and help flourish domestic animation film industry.



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