Anno 1800 – The Passage DLC Out Now, Play for Free Dec.

Anno 1800 players can seek out new resources and opportunities in the frigid northern lands in The Passage DLC, available now for standalone purchase and included in the Season Pass. The biggest new content release since launch brings a host of new challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone. A free update today has added a co-op mode (supporting up to four factions and up to 16 players) and an in-depth statistics system to help you get a better view of your empire’s economy. If you’re curious what all the hustle and bustle is about (or want to recruit some friends to join you), Anno 1800 is available to download and play for free (includes population tiers 1-3) from December 11-18 through Uplay and the Epic Games Store.

The Passage DLC doesn’t sugarcoat the challenge of creating an Arctic settlement. After a harrowing journey filled with tough decisions, you’ll reach the icy shores of your new outpost. As you establish yourself, you’ll need to plan your layouts with the new heating mechanic in mind to keep your citizens warm and healthy. Trade can now take to the sky as you construct a fleet of airships to bypass the iceberg-ridden seas and peddle your new goods in warmer climes. With two new citizen tiers and seven new production chains, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy, as well as 32 new buildings, 60 new quests, 80 new items, and more.

There are also some new holiday items you can pick up to add a dash of Christmas cheer to the lively, detailed art of your Anno 1800 cities. The Holiday Pack includes a range of cosmetic ornaments, including a festive carousel, Christmas trees, and snowmen.

The release of The Passage concludes the Season Pass content for Anno 1800, but the team is dedicated to continuing post-launch support, with new content and features in the works to expand the world of the industrial revolution next year. To stay up on the latest news on Anno 1800 and all Ubisoft games, bookmark the Ubisoft News hub.


By: Chris Watters/UBISOFT

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