Animation Series Launched in July!

With the arrival of summer vacation, domestic animation(GUO MAN) also ushered in a wave of new works.

Jiandao Di Yi Xian

Introduce: Su Yi, the leading role, preexistence is only honour big wild Lord is on the way to  pursuit of supreme sword way.

Dragon Guard

Synopsis:  it’s abou Shen Lang accidentally falls into the different world and experience to fight the demons and protect the world.


Ji Dao Long Shen

Synopsis: A story between human being and dragon.

The Mission of Tuanzi

Synopsis: The little tuanzi don’t know why they are here, but they have the stars every day and are happy to have enough to eat together. Until one day, the star land woke up a different group, it tired of daily and other groups of the “intrigue”, “battle of wits and courage”,sunddently, their lives change…

Meng Huan Shanhai Yao

Synopsis: the band member Chu Yao, Bai Hua and Xiao Xia fall into a strange world and recorrect the order of that world.


“Gusteau” season 3

Synoposis: A female chef goes back to the old times and thus, has a series of experience about love, country and fate.


Wo Kao Chong Zhi Zuo Huang Di

Synopsis: the earth energy depletion,in to order to change it, Lin Yi takes part in a game. Due to system failure memory loss, he was trapped in the gam and has to fight to go back the real world as well as save the earth.

Si Wu Xie

Synopsis: It tells a story how a carp try to become a dragon.

Shanghai Story

Synopsis: The story revolves around an ordinary Shanghai family. Han Feifei, the daughter of the advertising industry, encounters a career crisis at the age of 30. Meanwhile, her parents are urging her to marry more and more frequently. And whenever Han Feifei is immersed in confusion when, father Han Dongliang can appear in time, bring a daughter to encourage. In the recollection that interweaves ceaselessly, Han Feifei realized father Han Dongliang to his love and education. Finally, the encouragement of family and friends, Han Feifei cast off confusion, cheer up.

Blood and Heart

Synopsis: This novel tells the legendary life of Megumi Sanahara, a Japanese PLA soldier, and reveals the real history of this little-known special group of Japanese PLA soldiers. He was born in Kyushu, Japan in 1933 and moved to northeast China with his parents when he was young. After Japan surrendered in the war, he could not return to Japan, so he lived in a landowner’s home in Liaoning. In 1948, he joined the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in the name of “Zhang Rongqing”. From then on, he experienced the battles of Liaoshen and Pingjin and devoted herself to the cause of proletarian revolution.

Sadly, Megumi Sanahara did not make it to the show and died suddenly on June 24 at the age of 88. Hope his message “Long live the New China, long live the great unity of the people of the world” can be conveyed to the world through blood and Heart.

Yuan Qi Qi Shi

Synopsis: a special experience of a corporate slave in a strange world.


Shan Hai Jue Lun:

Synopsis: how a common younge people become an emperor.


Can Lan Jue:

Synopsis:a love story between a demon and a fairly lady.


New Friends of Sunshine Cafe

Synopsis: Chinese Friends in Sunshine Cafe.


San Cun Ren Jian

Synopsis:a humid story about a fatty boy’s growht.


Shen Mu

Synopsis: a young boy how he survived in a fairy world and discovered his family stor

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