Animated Film in 2021 Summer

Films on summer vacation have always placed high expectations on the audience. There are 13 films that will be released during the summer vacation of this year, and later, there would be more on release. The competition on box-office is very incentive. The audiences have more choices. But who knows which one would be the black horse? Let’s see.

With the on-scheduled movies, 11 are domestically produced and 2 are imported. The most anticipated ones are “White Snake 2” and “The Master of Jigong”.

” White Snake 2″ is the serial of “White Snake “.  The later one was jointly produced by Chasing Light Animation and Warner Bros., with the director of Huang Jiakong and Zhao Ji.  It was launched in the 2019 winter vacation, with a Douban score of 7.8 and a box office score of $4.7.The serial is focused on the Green snakes.

“The Master of Jigong” tells the story of the young Jihong, the “living Buddha” before becoming a Buddha. The film was shortlisted for the media attention unit of the Film Channel of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival. In 2018 and 2019, he won the special fund of the Chinese Classic Folktale Animation Creation Project of the National Film Administration twice.

The others are ” Clay Realm”, ” New Happy Father and Son 4” ” Agent Backom: King Bear”, “Wolf Walker”, “Save Donuts” and “Rainbow Sea Fly High” by Color Strip House, etc.

Who will be the top?


Source:  CGGE Editing Group

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