Ancient City of Dunhuang Depicted in Clash of Kings

A landmark licensing agreement has been reached between mobile game, Clash of Kings, and Dunhuang Inspiration – part of the Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group.

The Chinese video game Clash of Kings has reached a “landmark licensing agreement” with Dunhuang Inspiration; part of the Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group.

The two-year deal, brokered by art and cultural IP specialist ARTiSTORY, gives Clash of Kings exclusive access to the historic assets, artworks and location-based resources of Dunhuang: a historic city, and UNESCO World Heritage site, located on the fabled Silk Road.

The IP will feature in a new episode of Clash of Kings entitled Dunhuang Civilisation, launched on Aug. 4, giving the game’s 300+ million players the chance to explore a 3D version of the ancient city of Dunhuang.

“It has been a great adventure to create the Dunhuang episode of Clash of Kings,” said Clash of Kings producers Liu Fangshuo, “Working with Dunhuang Inspiration and ARTiSTORY to bring it all to life has been a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to introduce Dunhuang to our global community of players.”

Clash Of Kings is, by far, the most popular video game in China, but is also available in more than 100 countries. The popular war strategy game launched worldwide on July 1, 2014, with gameplay structured around building civilizations and armies, fighting battles, and conquering new territory. The goal for players is to eventually conquer their enemies and become King of a Kingdom.

“The deal between Clash of Kings and Dunhuang Inspiration indicates how mobile and video games are responding to consumer demand for greater authenticity, realism and – most importantly – totally unique experiences via the games they play,” said ARTiSTORY founder Jing Han. “Allowing gamers to experience real, living history and culture can achieve this like nothing else can and we are seeing other museums and cultural institutions seeking opportunities in the gaming world.”

ARTiSTORY is a licensing agency that focuses on representation of art and culture from the world’s great museums and cultural institutions.

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