An Electrifying Game Release

Publisher, Crytivo, alongside Hermes Interactive, is preparing to launch the electrifying energy management tycoon, Power to the People on February 8th. In one week, fans of challenging strategy games will be able to purchase and play the game.

Challenge yourself and meet the increasing demand for energy. Remember, if there are blackouts and your customers are not satisfied, you’ll be out of a job!

Key features:

  • Multiple modes (Main Campaign, Sandbox Mode, and Weekly Challenges)
  • 14 missions spanning 5 continents
  • Varying levels of difficulty
  • 20+ unique buildings to utilize
  • Extensive research tree with 30+ perks to discover and influence point management
  • Different weather conditions, each providing its own challenges to the player
  • Random events
  • Leaderboard

Choose Your Development Path

Experiment with a wide array of power plant types and energy storage solutions so you can design your grid exactly how you want it, all while taking advantage of the local resources and climate.

You will have to employ both strategy and judgement to select the best energy plants, providing the most benefit for current conditions. Adapt to complications, weather, and explosions while automating your grid.


Extensive Research Tree

Research more than 30 different technologies in order to improve your substations, power plants, and power lines. Don’t forget to spend some extra influence points to research new marketing techniques to boost the economy of your company.

Release Information

Date: February 8, 2022

Platforms: PC

Languages: EN. FR, DE, ES, ZH, PT, RU

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