“Alpha” Exposing IMAX Feature

“We will shock the audience because the images are actually shot by drones though they look look artificial.” Said Kodak, the hero played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. Prehistoric adventure giant IMAX 3D film “Alpha” released IMAX Feature today: In order to achieve the epic and thrilling feeling of the frames, and enable the audience to feel the adventurous characteristic of the story, the crew upgrade the special effects of each shot on the basis of framing the real views, trying to restore the last ice-age adventurous epic story in history. The film was released in North America on August 17th, receiving high acclaim from the public and the media and praised by Roger Moore – the editor of “Movie Nation”  as “the biggest surprise of the summer”.

The Crew Striving to Create a Fantasy World, Upgrading the Special Effects of the Framed Real Views

The film “Alpha” tells the story of a Wolf-Human companionship taking adventures together. In order to reflect the entanglement between the juveniles and the wolf, the director chose to present the process of early-human domestication of wolves in this movie. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Chuck was chosen by the head of Animal Trainers Mark Forbes to establish a close connection with Keda through training, as it looks like a wolf and is easy to train. Through over four months’ training, the protagonist established a tacit relationship with Chuck, which enables the presentation of the wonderful interactive scenes of Human and Wolf in the movie. Director Albert Hughes said: “Without Mark Forbes and Chuck, the movie won’t exist.”

The epic and magnificent images in the film make audiences stunned and think that it is made by special effects. In fact, the vast expanse of the glacier continent, the magnificent running beasts, the radiant aurora scene and the colorful clouds of auspicious clouds are all framed in the prairie near Vancouver and the wilderness of Southern Alberta. The film uses a large-picture camera to present the magnificent sceneries better, and upgrades the special effects on the basis of framing real views, which immerses viewers in the story more easily. Visual effects director Jeffrey A. Okun said: “we have crafted each frame carefully after shooting.” The sky scenes in the movie have both live actions and special effects, with each sky unique and each picture distinct. No wonder the netizen screams “Every frame can be screenshot to be a desktop!”

Freshness on ROTTEN TOMATOES in line with the “Life of Pi”, IMAX Showing Spectacular Visual Scenes

After being released in North America on August 17, the film “Alpha” has been receiving acclaims from the discerning audiences and the media. “Fresh Fiction” praises it as “a thrilling adventure epic”, and Hollywood Reporter believes that the film has a deep philosophical expression. “The film is full of respect for the historical encounter between the two species.” It is a full affirmation of the profound philosophical proposition of the film. “Philadelphia daily news” also praised the film’s production while affirming the film story. “In addition to the classic wild adventure story, the film’s new special effects are also particularly interesting.” The film has gained 85% freshness on the famous American film review website ROTTEN TOMATOES. The praise has been on the “Youth Pie”.

The IMAX 3D version conquered the media once it was released overseas. The magnificent and magnificent scene of the film in the prehistoric period was restored by surprise, and it was shocked by the IMAX big screen. At the same time, IMAX fully conveys the moving friendship of Kodak and Alpha to the audience through the delicate presentation of the details of the picture. In addition, the IMAX sound system uses its powerful penetrating power to realistically surround the stereo sound, allowing the audience to experience this “victorious adventure” in an immersive experience. It is reported that “Alpha: Wolf with the way back” will land in the national IMAX theater in IMAX 3D format on September 7th. This epic blockbuster full of nature and wildness is looking forward to the audience to explore and take risks.

“Alpha: Wolf with the Way Back” was produced by Studio 8, who invested in the film “The Midfield War of Billy Lynn” directed by Ang Lee, directed by Albert Hughes (“The Book of Avery”), Curti· Schmidt-McPh “X-Men: Apocalypse”), Leona Vieira (“Little Town geek Thomas”), Natasha Meerz (“Dungeon Siege 2”), Johannes ·Hooker Johann Nathan (“The Extreme City”) starred in the film, the film will be released on September 7th with 2D/3D / IMAX 3D/China Giant Screen 3D/4DX / MX4D.






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