Accelerate Quantum Finance with cuQuantum and QODA

More Qubits and Gate Depth, Faster than Ever

Investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management firms face one of their greatest computing challenges when it comes to large-scale risk simulations and derivative pricing. Whether looking backward or forward in time to realized and unrealized price scenarios for their trade portfolios, they’re beginning to turn to the natural parallelism of quantum computing to solve computational finance problems.

On October 6, learn how NVIDIA cuQuantum and QODA accelerate quantum circuit simulation with more qubits and gate depth than ever before. Hear from NVIDIA leaders in data science and product management leading innovation in quantum computing.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

The history of quantum computing and its impact on the financial engineering world

Fundamentals of NVIDIA GPUs and where they shine for quantum computing simulation

Specifics about the NVIDIA cuQuantum package for state vector and tensor networks

How to develop quantum-accelerated applications with QODA

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