360 Demonstrates Core Capabilities

Help to enhance national security strength, and 360 demonstrates its core capabilities

In the past decade, a net army from other country continuously attacked including the government, finance, scientific research institutes, military, aerospace, medical industry and other important infrastructure. These attacks from the past is untraceable and now,  most are successfully intercepted by 360, which contains a lot of security accumulation and work.

In the field of digital security, it takes 360 20 years and up to twenty billions of time and investment to gather two thousand security experts, who accumulated 2000PB security data to form a set of “perceived perception, see threats, resist attacks” security system to guard the national network security, assist the party and government enterprises to protect strategic assets security.

From serving hundreds of millions of users to serving government and enterprise customers, 360 has unreplicable advantages at both levels, which means that 360 may continue to “subvert” the traditional security market and quickly seize the incremental digital security market, and the future market development prospects are inestimable.

Starting from free security, 360 has overturned the traditional anti-virus market at the beginning of its development and  accumulated hundreds of millions of users.Now it has become an unavoidable line of defense for foreign hackers to invade Chinese networks, and refined the world’s leading digital security capabilities.

360 is the only one  in the industry who brought out “digital security China” in the era of digital civilization. This is because 360 is a real digital security company and it has the advantages in the Internet and digital gene and accumulated security data, attack and defense knowledge base, etc. And obtain the core barrier with the customers in the C end market service.

There is no doubt that 360 has long since become a unique enterprise. It has both digital genes and focuses on security. It builds a digital security service system based on its “see” capabilities, and then transforms from selling hardware and software to being operational and service-oriented.

With the deepening of digitalization, 360’s forward-looking layout in the security industry will soon be released.With the development of big data, cloud computing, and even the meta-universe industry, the experience that 360 serves hundreds of millions of C-end users will enable 360 to accumulate, realize the transformation from C end to N end, and then to B end, and to some extent realize the redefinition and dimension reduction blow to the industry.

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