MILLIMAGES IS TURNING 30! And is reinforcing its team with a new General Manager, Marina Narishkin

How the arrival of a new General Manager is reinforcing the independant French animation studio’s business model

Iconic independant French animation studio and Emmy nominee, Millimages is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Internationally renowned for its quality products and creative savoir-faire, Millimages is looking to its most succesful IP – Molang – to bring the studio to new heights for this pivotal year. Molang’s exponential growth – be it on television screens worldwide or on social media – has already allowed for the studio to unlock new dimensions. Yet this year is already proving unlike any other. The appointment of a new General Manager – Marina Narishkin – is set to catapult the studio’s expansion in more ways than one. Marina has been brought on to continue to grow the Millimages brand in their 30th year. Her role will include overseeing the transformation of the studio’s business model through the diversification of Millimages’ productions, the development of new TV series and feature films and enhanced licensing activities and products.

“Our industry is going through drastic changes. Nevertheles, one of Millimages’ defining characteristics, in addition to creativity, is its ability to adapt in times of adversity. The arrival of Marina Narishkin as General Manager is proof of that adaptability – reinforcing the Millimages team now more than ever. Her know-how of the audiovisual industry on a worldwide scale, her expertise in licensing, and her commited attitude are all invaluable assets to face the challenges of the future.”


A new General Manager to accompany Millimages in a time of growth

After over 15 years at CPLG/Wildbrain (Fox, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Marvel, FFF, UEFA…) and five years as Head of Licensing at TF1, Marina is taking on her newest challenge: spearheading the growth of Millimages, with an end goal of making it a household name worldwide.

Marina Narishkin, General Manager of Millimages

“I was immediately intrigued by Millimages’ ambition and vision for the next few years, as well as the studio’s DNA which is defined by creativity, open-mindedness and cultural diversity. Now more than ever, the world is in need of quality entertainment with a cause. To take on Millimages as my next project is to embrace the values that I have always lived by. It’s also to take on the forces of technological innovation and the international market, all within a flagship of French animation.”


Millimages – a strategic work in progress

Millimages, which is slated to celebrate its 30th anniversary in June 2021, has already begun its transformation with  numerous projects en route:

Development of a worldwide network of Licensing & Merchandising

Launch of e-commerce website MOLANG.COM, otherwise known as the official hub for all-things Molang. The site offers not only products for the pre-school, Gen Z and Millennial targets but also offers a play to play, watch videos and download Molang content at no additional cost.


Research & Development investments on new audiovisual technologies

Renaissance of historic and cult IPs such as Louie & Yoko, Mouk, Corneil & Bernie and 64 Zoo Lane

Intensification of developments including over 15 new projects (TV series and feature films)

“There’s no need to revolutionize Millimages, who has already proved itself ahead of the times for some time now. My goal is to help evolve the studio’s already existing factors of success, by mobilizing all of the multi-cultural forces within the studio and by developing strategic new partnerships worldwide, in order to make Millimages shine brighter than ever before.”  – Marina Narishkin, General  Manager of Millimages


Source: Millimage

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