Exclusive | Revealing Behind-the-Scenes Special Effects and Animation Performances of “White Snake: Origin”

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Behind the scenes and animation performance of “White Snake: Origin”

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Behind the scenes of “White Snake: Origin”

Role display



Behind-the-Scenes Performance of the Animators 



Behind-the-Scenes Special Effects Production Revealed



This lens special effect simulates the weightless environment in the water. The main difficulties are the high-speed movement and special effects of the character. The dynamics of the fabric are in line with the environment. Different solutions were tested for this effect, hitting the fluid and emitting fluid from the character’s body. Finally, the advantages of both are combined as the final solution.

In addition, the character itself has created a special force field to make the surrounding ink speed change more and back to the role action. Finally, a suitable physical environment is set for the ink, instead of the default vacuum environment to ensure that the dynamics are relatively correct.

In the early stage of role effects, a large number of tests and asset classifications were carried out. The force field expression noise map and some self-developed tools were used to simulate and control the underwater state. After multiple versions of the iterative test, the final result was achieved.



In this lens, the difficulty in the absorption of the beads is the irregular movement and shape. In order to be dynamic and natural and conform to the needs of the shape, the special effects have developed a complex force field to guide the movement of particles and fluids as the main body, and on this basis, 10 layers of elements are derived to enrich the effect. Finally, the lighting department synthesizes the final result.



In the lens of the Jingqi Pool, the creative team needs to show a very strange and evil feeling. Special effects use flip to achieve the dynamics of the pool water. According to the dynamic processing into as much information as possible, the particles, volume, and geometry are converted into renderable layers based on these data, and finally the final result is achieved in the synthesis.

The main creative team spent a lot of energy on the behind-the-scenes production, only to better present this work to the audience, and the current “White Snake: Origin” box office is about to break 100 million!



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Source:wuhu Animators Space

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