2022 Annecy International Animation Festival, France, “Chinese Animation Promotion Conference” grand opening!

Annecy International Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Annecy Animation Festival), initiated by the International Animation Film Association, is the oldest of the world’s four animation film festivals and has MIFA — the world’s largest professional animation trade market. It enjoys the reputation of “Oscar of animation industry” and “Cannes of animation industry”, and is the highest vane of the global animation industry.

In 2020, 15,570 exhibitors from 111 countries and regions participating the festival and discussions, reaching an all-time high since its inception. In 2021, due to the global epidemic, the Annecy switched to an online format  with nearly 8,500 license-holders from 96 countries participating in various online activities and events. In 2022, more than 4000 exhibitors from all over the world will join it!

Annecy 2022 runs from June 13 to 18. During the festival, 24 domestic audio-visual organizations will be organized by China (Zhejiang) International Cooperation Zone for Film and Television Industry under the joint guidance of International Promotion Bureau of The State Council Information Office and International Cooperation Department of State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to set up “China Joint booth” and hold “China Animation Promotion” online.

This “Chinese animation Promotion Conference” was held at 4:00pm on June 13, Beijing time. With the help of the Online platform of China United Booth, the project promotion and experience sharing were carried out in the form of “cloud promotion”.

Experts and scholars

Vice President of Beijing Film Academy

Director of Animation Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association

Li-jun Sun


Professor, School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China

Chinese animation director, screenwriter, animator and producer

Wang lei


Yu Zhou

President of  Light Chaser Animation (Beijing) Co. LTD


CCTV Animation Group Co. LTD

Xu Xin, deputy director of creative Management Office


Beijing Business Group of Huace Film & Television Group

Jia Yao, Deputy editor-in-chief


Zhejiang Zhongnan Cartoon Co., LTD

Li Yi Huang, Manager of International Department
Industry representatives

Zhang Conghui, communication representative of Hangzhou Animation and Game Association


Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Office of Sichuan TV Festival

Liu Dan, overseas project manager
Special guest

Gao Weihua, professor, School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China

The promotion conference will focus on the discussion and exchange of telling Chinese stories, Chinese animation production and overseas distribution, so as to further promote the development of Chinese animation in overseas markets and enhance the influence of international brands.


The organizer

National Information Office External Promotion Bureau

Department of International Cooperation, National Radio and Television Administration


ZuZhan unit

China (Zhejiang) Film and Television Industry International Cooperation Zone


Joint ZuZhan

China Animation Society


Technical support

China United Booth


Thanks to:

Hangzhou Animation and Game Association

Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Station

Hangzhou Kunrui Culture Film & Television Media Co. LTD

Source: Zhejiang Film and Television Industry International Cooperation Zone, China

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