The 20th session of the High Fair opened yesterday

The 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair (“High-Tech Fair”) was officially opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday. The entire high-tech fair will last from November 14th to 18th.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Lixin, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, gave a speech.

With the theme of “adhering to the new development concept and promoting high-quality development”, this year’s high-tech fair will focus on the application of key technologies, core technologies and cutting-edge technologies in the high-tech frontier fields at home and abroad in various fields of economic and social development. , artificial intelligence, “Internet +”, 5G, smart city, aerospace and other aspects of the latest products and technologies.

At this exhibition, many companies bring their latest technology, such as: the first domestic proton therapy demonstration device of the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Baidu’s big data engine in the field of artificial intelligence technology, Apollo platform; TCL The group launched the high-end products “floating window full scene TV”; smart car of singular car; soft-smart smart handwritten book of Rouyu company.

This exhibition not only has the participation of enterprises, but also many institutions of higher learning are involved.

As Wang Lixin, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, said, “The high-tech fair is an exhibition that can create miracles.” The high-tech fair insists on “national level, specialization, internationalization, and high level. Under such characteristics, each high is high. The rendezvous can reflect the dynamics of the entire technology at the time.

It is worth noting that this year is the 20th birthday of the High-Tech Fair. According to incomplete statistics, since the first high-tech fair in 1999, nearly 300 companies across the country have used the high-tech fair platform to take off and have successfully listed.

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