Youth Animated Film “Crystal Sky Of Yesterday” will be Screened

The Author Supported “Crystal Sky Of Yesterday”.

The youth animated film “Crystal Sky Of Yesterday”, which lasted for 3 years, will be released nationwide on October 26. Recently, the director Yu Chao, the original author “Pocket Chocolate”, the producer Liu Min, the voice actor Duan Yizhen appeared in Guangzhou, went to the studio and the affiliated high school of Guangzhou University, and exchanged with more than 2,000 people.

In the background of a southern town in 1998, the film tells the story of the growth of friendship and affection generated by several high school students on the eve of the college entrance examination. Director Zhai Chao said that he was very happy to be able to make an animated film about the Chinese youth story. Producer Liu Min revealed that the reason why it took three years to polish the film is to better emphasize the essence of the original: “I am worried that fans of the original work would not be satisfied with the film.”

After the screening, many girls were attracted by the handsome character of the film, Qi Jingxuan, who talked about the original intention of this character. The original author “Pocket Chocolate” said that “Qi Jing Xuan” represents the cool boys on the campus: “I feel that I had a sense of distance from them when I was in school, so now I hope that through the creation of this kind of hero as a good friend, it can be considered as a regret to make up for my student period.”

“Yao Zheyi” voice actor Duan Yizhen performed the classic lines in the film. The youthful voice of the girl made the audience immerse in the film. Duan Yizhen said that his character is very similar to “Yao Zhetian”. When he voiced the character, he felt: “Yao Zhetian is me.”


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