Young people prefer niche digital products

Niche digital products are sometimes the necessities of work and life, and different groups will also create new opportunities in the digital market.

Today, young people are not satisfied with the “professional career” lifestyle, but instead choose a diverse life with multiple careers and identities, namely the so-called “slasher youth”. They may have had financial reasons, or perhaps they are trying to escape the 996 atmosphere, instead choosing niche jobs such as illustrator, sound recordist, and podcast production, which has also led to the popularization of professional equipment such as hand-painted boards (digital boards), stylus, and professional microphones. In addition, young people who pay attention to the quality of life will also buy related digital products for their interest, such as the smart guitar that can connect to Bluetooth real-time teaching, and the fitness mirror that can guide movements. These trendy lifestyles have brought new gaps to the niche digital market.

In recent years, the development of China’s 3C digital market has undergone new changes. On the one hand, the saturation of traditional 3C digital products in the market is gradually rising, and personalized and high-end products have become the focus of competition in this market; on the other hand, the market demand of emerging 3C digital products such as wearable smart devices, TWS headphones and smart home is gradually unleashed.

Digital products, represented by productivity tools are currently loved by young people. According to CBNData’s Tablet Consumer Insight Report, productivity workers are more focused on device connectivity and peripheral expansion, with keys and button-mouse sets becoming an office necessity.

In addition to work and study, the popular camping industry has also made the outdoor power supply, a niche product, become popular. In the Little Red book, there are more than 30,000 recommendation notes on camping and charging. According to the data of Tmall, the market growth rate of outdoor power supply has been nearly 300% for three consecutive years. The sales volume in 2021 is only about 300 million yuan, and in 2022, it has exceeded 1 billion yuan. Now, this niche track has also spawned small giants with a market value of 10 billion yuan, while the top brands are preparing for market listing. According to the survey of China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, the global market size of portable energy storage equipment is expected to reach 88.2 billion yuan by 2026, and the future of outdoor power supply track gives much to think about.

With the rise of “We media” and the development of short video, live broadcasting and other industries, GoPro, Yuntai, recording pen and other devices have ushered in rapid growth. According to the 2021 Network (Performance) Live Broadcast Industry Development Report, by December 2021, the total number of anchor accounts were nearly 140 million, and 8.26 million new broadcast accounts were opened in the first half of 2022. The competition in the live broadcasting industry has entered a white-hot stage, and the increasing number of “we media” people naturally have a more subdivided and higher demand for related equipment.

Take the recording pen as an example, the recording pen industry has transitioned from digital recording to the intelligent recording stage. Due to the increasing demand of users for the recorder function, the services provided by the intelligent recorder have also become more cognitive, providing picture recognition, multilingual translation, translating while recording, real-time error correction and other functions when recording. In addition to the functional iteration of the products, recording pens have also begun to diversify in form. There will be different forms of products in different situations, such as being placed on the desktop, wrist recording pens similar to smart wristbands etc.

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