We are delighted to announce the Winners of the 2019 VENICE TV AWARD, supported by egta, ACT (Association of Commercial TV) and IMZ International Music + Media Centre. Celebrating the masterpieces of TV.

Outstanding work was rewarded from United Kingdom, France, United States, Brazil, Germany, India, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Australia, Spain, Israel, Hong Kong, Qatar, Malaysia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Croatia, Taiwan, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Russia.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all our jurors for honoring the companies and individuals responsible for excellent creations.

Click here to view the full list of this year’s Gold Winners and Nominees:

A trophy is the expression of the highest honor. This is why the VENICE TV AWARD

created a trophy inspired by the City of Venice with wings in the coat of arms and the ancient winged lion sculpture.

The trophy is gold plated on a black painted wooden base, made of walnut, like the gondolas – required by law painted in black. The Wings are handmade and no two trophies are alike.

The wing shape is making its appeal as a statue of achievement and triumph.

All Winners and Nominees are rewarded with the VENICE TV AWARD Nominee Certificate which credits and honors the companies and individuals responsible for excellent creations. The Nominee Certificate features multiple individual information with his/her personal specific contribution.Exhibited to remind the success, victory and achievement of winning.

Source:Venice TV Award

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