The virtual reality unit VR Beijing at the 2021 Beijing International Film Festival

The virtual reality unit VR Beijing at the 2021 Beijing International Film Festival

Under the theme of “Space between”, VR Beijing presents each work and the creative energy of the author with the three concepts of “Back(Hui), Sam(Tong)e and Ask(Wen)”. Happily, each film has received sincere comments and sincere love from fans.

“Space between” opens any door to make Chinese characters return to shape, structure and pictographic symbols. With “-ask”, it builds a closed loop to openness, observes to initiative, develops from “small virtual” to “big reality”, and expands the world with the vision.

Back is the form of a frame in a box, which means to build virtual boundaries in reality. It’s a whole new reality made up of screens for the experiencer to see, hear and feel. This part includes 360 video and virtual space, starting from literature, film and architecture, hoping that the audience can observe the artistic texture through VR media.

In the same way, it means to open the border of reality, which means to open the door of cross-reality. This is a concept of transition from trance to identity through symmetry, mirror image, contrast, dislocation, virtual and real, ancient and present, new and old. This part is divided into a variety of interactive works, through displacement, voice, touch and other ways, hoping that the audience to VR as a means to feel the cultural atmosphere.

Ask: a point of escape from the virtual. It is a kind of sentient relationship that transcends categories, times and media through questioning and dialogue. This section is divided into pioneering experimental mixed reality works, “redirecting walk” in the field of reinterpreting the classics of art history, so that the audience can walk from the black box to the sunny and distant world in early autumn of Beijing.

HYPNOSIS: REVERIES creator Huang Jiasheng was on site the show during the first day of to talk with fans at “zero distance”, and had an in-depth communication with the audience for the film and VR image technology, form and so on, and hoped to bring fans more fresh experience and feelings in the future creation. The underwater world constructed by the film TERMINUS presents a very realistic picture and sound experience for viewers, and opens the sensory experience with VR technology.

“THE HANGMAN AT HOME,” which explores awkward human intimacy through interactive animation, has received rave reviews from viewers, “as if you were a voyeur peering into THE private lives of your neighbors. Animation design gothic wind restoring ancient ways, cabinets, doors and Windows open like a blind box, the process of the unique sense of ceremony,strike matches into the text very pleasantly surprised, put the audience at the location of the inflicter reflections to watch, watch the behavior while not new, in the audio-visual interactive VR because the form, many living stood there feeling, a layer into border this setting deepened to spy out the form. Great, the audience stands there stupidly and is asked: What are you watching? What do you want to do?

With the integration of technology and art to create infinite surprise, VR is prosperous in future.

Curator Che Lincong said, “From mid-summer to early autumn, we have experienced many changes and developments, witnessing the development of equipment, technology and content, and we hope to see the development from virtual to real through ‘space Between’.”

China International Television (CGTN) broadcast the whole film festival live in depth, and showed the rich content of the film festival to audiences at home and abroad in real time through live broadcast. At the same time, this exhibition is strongly supported by great mill cultural innovation park, equipment partner skyworth VR and visual marketing ALLSODESIGN. The VR exhibition of Beijing international film festival has a promising future.

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