“The Grinch” Exposes a New Trailer, with Benedict Cumberbatch Playing Santa Claus

The new animation The Grinch produced by Illumination Entertainment and voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch released its third official trailer which contains a lot of new lenses with a strong Christmas atmosphere.

Adapted from Dr. Suess’ best-selling classic children’s book, the animation features a grumpy Grinch with an adorable dog. Grinch plots to ruin Christmas in the village of Whoville while the little girl Cindy Lou and her friends plan to “trap” Santa Claus played by Grinch, telling him to make an inspection tour on Christmas Eve so that she could thank him for his help to her overworked single mother. The girl’s goodwill plan is going to conflict with Grinch’s evil plan.

Directed by Yarrow Cheney (“The Secret Life of Pets”) and Scott Mosier, the film will be screened in North America on November 9.


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