The Global Digital Economy Conference 2023

On the afternoon of July 7, the four-day Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 came to a close at the National Convention Center in Beijing.

The closing ceremony of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Conference was organized by the Organizing Committee of the Conference, joint by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Chaoyang District People’s Government, China Communications Enterprise Association, and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Over the course of four days, hundreds of guests from more than 40 countries and regions worldwide gathered in Beijing. They focused on the conference theme of “Data-Driven Development, Intelligent Future Leadership” and engaged in extensive and in-depth discussions through the opening ceremony, main forums, six major summit forums, and over 40 specialized seminars.

Distinctive activities such as the Digital Economy Experience Week, “Night of Digital City”, an Augmented Reality light show, the inaugural China Digital Music Concert, and exquisite thematic exhibitions were held to enhance the open image of Digital Beijing.

Experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs representing both domestic and foreign sectors attending the conference gave keynote speeches and engaged in discussions on various topics. These topics included the driving force of the digital economy as an innovative way of economic growth, its continuous injection of new energy into global economic recovery and social progress, and its emergence as a new high ground in global competition. They also explored and exchanged ideas on fundamental issues, structural issues, and integrated development that impact the global digital economy.

The participants, both domestic and foreign, generally believe that the successful organization of this conference plays a very positive role in accelerating the innovative development of China’s digital economy, leading the development to a new level, showcasing new technologies and application achievements in domestic digital economy development, and supporting the exploration and construction of worldwide benchmark city for the digital economy.

This is the third year that The Global Digital Economy Conference has held. Building upon the success of the previous two conferences, this year’s conference achieved an overall improvement in terms of scale, effectiveness, and impact. International elements were enhanced, and the role of serving benchmark city construction is now more prominent.

Firstly, there was a gathering of international and domestic guests, which further elevated the conference’s international influence. This is the first time that the conference has featured another country, and has appointed Singapore as their first overseas venue outside China. It also launched the “Global Digital Economy Partner City Cooperation Initiative,” jointly initiated by 18 cities worldwide, together with Biejing, to establish a new network of international cooperation in the digital economy.

Secondly, the conference covered a wide range of in-depth topics, highlighting industry leadership. It held six major summit forums on topics such as artificial intelligence, open-source technology, digital security, Internet 3.0, data elements, and Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 Lhasa Summit forum. The government, industry, academia, research, and application sectors voiced their opinions together. Over a hundred important outcomes were released, including the “Twenty Guidelines for Beijing’s Data” and the “Global Digital Economy White Paper (2023).” These initiatives facilitated new cooperation in leading technology industries and explored international governance rules.

Thirdly, there were innovative and distinctive activities, further enhancing the platform’s support capabilities. The Digital Economy Experience Week, exquisite thematic exhibitions, “Night of Digital City” illuminating ceremony, Global Digital Economy Conference events, the inaugural China Digital Music Concert, and the release of new technologies and products all showcased a constant innovative and exciting activities. The conference unveiled its mascot, intergrating digital economy into production and daily life.

Fourthly, there was collaborative coordination among industry, academia, research, and application sectors, further expanding the driving force of the industry and promoting the transformation of core technological achievements. Several projects were implemented, including the International Data Lab, Metaverse Industry Innovation Center, and Industrial Software Industry Innovation Center, facilitating in-depth cooperation among enterprises, industries, and regions.

During the closing ceremony of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Conference, the “Beijing Digital Economy Development Report (2022-2023),” “Selected Digital Economy Cases and Practical Guidelines,” and the “Digital Transformation Index Report” were released. Additionally, the conference presented a list of 12 innovative leading achievements and 25 industrial innovation achievements selected for the Global Digital Economy Conference. These achievements concentrated on showcasing the progress and results of benchmark city construction in the global digital economy. The conference organizing committee awarded plaques to its partners, such as Beijing Electric Control, Bank of Beijing, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. An award ceremony was also held for the winning teams of the Global AI Big Data Competition. In a joyful and lively atmosphere, the conference organizing committee and the Beijing municipal government extended invitations to entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, and friends from around the globe, welcoming them to future conferences and look forward to their meeting in Beijing again.


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