Commemoration of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day in 2024

On May 17th, the 2024 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day commemoration conference was held in Guangdong, China’s information and communication industry. The conference, which combined the theme of the International Telecommunication Union’s “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development,” focused on “Embarking on a New Journey in Guangdong: A Digital Future,” and explored innovative measures to accelerate the application of digital innovation, promote the development of new productive forces, and empower digital transformation. Guangdong Provincial Communications Regulatory Authority Party Group Secretary and Director General Cai Lizhi attended the event and delivered a speech, while industry representatives, Guangdong Unicom General Manager Hao Litiqian, spoke at the event. Guangdong’s Industry and Information Department’s Deputy Inspector General He Bing, Guangdong Telecom General Manager Cui Zhanwei, Guangdong Mobile General Manager Ge Songhai, Guangdong Tower General Manager Bao Limin, Guangdong Radio and Television Deputy General Manager Li Jijiang, China Mobile Internet Company Deputy General Manager Wang Zhizhong, and Guangdong Communications Service General Manager Yao Yue attended the event. The Deputy Director-General of Guangzhou’s Industry and Information Department, Zhang Hongwei, and representatives from Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, Tencent, and Netease, as well as representatives from the media, attended the event.

Since its full-function internet access 30 years ago, Guangdong’s information and communication industry has achieved significant results, becoming a network powerhouse and a digital economy powerhouse, with 353,000 5G base stations and 92.916 million 5G users. Guangdong has the most telephone users, internet users, websites, apps, and internet companies in the country, all of which have contributed significantly to the economic and social development of Guangdong. With the accelerated iteration and upgrading of new generation information and communication technologies, the integration of digital and real-world sectors has become an important support for high-quality economic and social development. The entire industry should strengthen industrial chain coordination and enhance information and communication service capabilities, expand applications in low-altitude, manufacturing, energy and other fields, to empower high-quality development with information and communication technology.

At the conference, the “Signal Upgrade” Special Action Plan and the “Guangdong Full Signal” Action Plan were released, along with the Guangdong Internet Industry Development Report. According to the plan, by the end of 2025, all key venues in the province will be fully covered by mobile networks, the continuous coverage rate of over 2,700 kilometers of high-speed rail will reach 100%, and 40,000 kilometers of national and provincial highways, 42 subway lines will be fully covered by mobile networks. The depth and breadth of 5G network coverage will continue to improve, and the proportion of 5G traffic will significantly increase.

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