Highborns Rise: Dragons Unleashed —- AFK Arena Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Epic Updates

Now is the best time to enter Esperia! Download AFK Arena today and join the celebration!

A new faction, the Draconis, are added to the game in version 1.140

New players and active fans can claim a free hero from the new faction through an event

100 million players are enjoying the many events offered by Lilith Games for the fifth birthday of AFK Arena

AFK Arena took over the emblematic NASDAQ billboard thanks to the support of the awesome game community

Lilith Games, the renowned studio behind Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte, and the recently launched AFK Journey, is thrilled to announce the arrival today, alongside version 1.140 of its popular mobile idle RPG, AFK Arena, of the new Draconis faction. Celebrations for the fifth anniversary of the game are still ongoing, with even more activities and rewards coming for the 100 million players who joined the adventure since the game’s launch in 2018.

A sky-shattering new faction

After four years, AFK Arena introduces a new faction with the release of version 1.140! The exiled Draconis emerge to aid the Lightbearer Empire in their battle against the Hypogeans. However, by revealing themselves to mortals after centuries of isolation, they unwittingly uncover an even darker plot.

The new faction introduces a unique mechanism called “Scale Manifest,” allowing heroes to transform from humanoids into powerful and visually stunning dragon forms during battles!

A trailer showcasing the new faction provides a glimpse of the unique character designs:

100 Million Players Invited to Celebrate 5 Years of AFK Arena

This new addition to the game is just one of the many reasons for the now 100 million AFK Arena players to rejoice. As part of the celebrations for the fifth anniversary of the game, many new activities are coming their way! Alongside up to 300 summons offered to all players, both new and longtime fans, they will be offered one of the new Draconis faction hero for free! Indeed, a free copy of Hildwin, the Crimson Sovereign, a Mage specialized in damage over time, is now added as a reward to the birthday events. A dedicated event, named “Winged Sojourn”, allows players to gather precious resources to accelerate their new hero’s growth.

Various community events are also underway. A filter “Summon the Draconis” is available on TikTok to challenge players, while crafty and handy fans can join the fun of DIY Dragon Egg creation workshops or sticker co-creation events live on Facebook and Discord.

Now is the best time to enter Esperia! Download AFK Arena today and join the celebration! Unleash your inner dragon and embark on epic adventures with 100 million players worldwide!

AFK Arena is available for free for mobile devices on the App Store and Google Play (and on Windows PC via Google Play Games beta).

RU ONLY: We’re also thrilled to announce that, as of today, AFK Arena is also playable on RuStore, the largest local app store in the region. Click here for more information!

For the latest on tournaments, updates, and new features, follow AFK Arena on social media via Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, and Discord.

A full press kit containing game key art, screenshots, logos, and more is available here.

About AFK Arena

Developed and published by Shanghai-based Lilith Games, AFK Arena is a F2P casual idler game for iOS and Android mobile devices. AFK Arena’s traditional role-playing themes and deep, lore-filled storyline are punctuated by its highly detailed, fairy tale-esque art style and smooth, precise gameplay. Boasting more than 100 hero units from seven separate factions, every hero possesses their own fleshed-out storyline. As the name suggests, AFK Arena “plays itself” while players have the freedom to enjoy the idle experience or take part in the game’s many active objectives, like progressing the storyline, which is divided into chapters. Leveling up in AFK Arena (during idle gameplay) means earning Diamonds, the in-game currency. Rewards are also earned through guild events, clearing labyrinths, completing weekly quests, and competing in ranked battles with other players’ teams. With enough Diamonds, players can summon new heroes and continue climbing the leveling system. Learn more at afkarena.lilith.com.


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