The first Beijing Animation Week has come to an end and Chinese animation is about to open a new century

The first Beijing Animation Week has come to an end and Chinese animation is about to open a new century

The Activities of 100-Year Chinese Animation in Beijing to pay tribute to the classic dream of the future

2022 marks the centenary of the birth of Chinese animation. After a hundred years of wind and rain, the achievement of the current animation works with high quality burst out. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese animation, the professional animation brand activity “Beijing Animation Week”, which includes exhibition, industry discussion, project incubation, talent training, exchange and trade, evaluation and promotion, and fan interaction, was launched in Beijing Science Center on August 4, and the main activity officially ended on August 9.

During 6 days, the major activities the first week of Beijing animation games held vary kinds fo activities including training courses, on-site talkes, theme exhibition games, international theme day, venture capital activity, hundreds of films screened show, showing the opening animation film “goodbye monster of seas”, to build an online space and covers more than ten live streaming video platform with the large number of the audiences and attendees. Among them, the animation forum and China Animation Education Lecture were online simultaneously on 11 platforms, such as Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Time, China Education Television Station, Live Cloud, Micu, Tencent Video, Youku, etc., with a cumulative viewership of more than 40 million people. Online and offline exhibition last for one and a half months, covering 15 TV channels and 8 online platforms; VR experience, shadow play art, animation dubbing and other activities for 882 times;64 projects were evaluted by the venture capital , “Glass lamp”, “Ribo Planet”, “Forest Adventure” were formally signed with investment amount of 160 million yuan.

To propose the development path of Chinese animation

At the first Beijing Animation Week, there are several themes like” one hundred years to form the dream”, “the mission of animation ” ,”how to tell a good Chinese story with international language“, “the international investment in animation industry”,” the imagination and creation of animation”,” a new era, new technology, new development “. Nearly one hundred well-known scholars, experts and practitioners were invited to make in-depth analysis of the development path of China’s animation industry from different dimensions and directions, and put forward targeted solutions based on their own research and working experience. The speech was of great reference value. The participants agreed that this was one of the important meanings of Animation Week. In the future, it will greatly enhance the development potential and expansion of Chinese animation development.


Chinese animation knowledge is very nourishing

This exhibition is a very important part of the week of animation animation exhibition, with “salute one hundred animated classic” as the theme, is divided into six part of “Artistic Conception”, “New Epic “, “the People in Animation” ,”Double the City”, “Future Path” and “Modern”.  All showed the history of Chinese animation magnificent, showing the artistic charm of Chinese animation. At the same time, young volunteers are specially invited to participate in this exchange and dialogue with the 100-year history of Chinese animation, to feel the animation dream created by the 100 classic works, and to give a lecture. The exhibition of college animation students’ works attracted more than 300 works from more than 40 colleges and universities in nearly 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. You can feel the unrestrained imagination and youthful color of Chinese college students in the new era, and see their unique understanding of animation and their pursuit of animation art. And various experience activities have further stimulated the audience’s interest in Chinese animation.

China’s animation development a new voyage

Based on the sustainable development of Chinese animation, the “Chinese Animation Education Lecture Hall”, “Animation Creation Master Class” and “Animation Roundtable” were held by Animation Week , which is powerful explorations of the dilemma of talent development. After the main event of the first Beijing Animation Week closed on August 9th, which will be on Youku Children, Youku Animation, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Beijing IPTV, Micu Video and BiliBili until October, and the forum and other activities will also be viewed through multiple online platforms.

From “Princess Iron Fan” of the Wan’s  brothers to today’s “Nezha”, Chinese animation has experienced 100-year. Today’s prosperity is not achieved overnight. Just as Mr. Wang Jiequn said at the old times, Chinese animation is a history of singing for The Times and the people. Chinese animation artists should take root in Chinese culture and work hard to forge Chinese animation works, and provide more and better spiritual food for the people. Based in Beijing and looking to the world, we should constantly improve Chinese animation art through inheritance, innovation and mutual learning, and present the spirit of the new era in an all-round and panoramic manner. It is believed that Chinese animation will usher in a new century of development under the new situation and new technology.

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