The Crust on Kickstarter

Publisher Crytivo and VEOM Studio are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated moon colonization game, The Crust, on Kickstarter!

Step into the director’s shoes and pave the way for humanity’s survival on the moon in this base building, automation, and management simulation. Fans of Satisfactory and Dyson Sphere Program will love the automation aspects in the game as well as trading and colonist management mechanics.


Key features:

  • Automation mechanics. Plan, construct, and maintain
  • Colonist management
  • Multilevel research trees in Fundamental, Engineering, and Social
  • Three levels of gameplay, the surface, the underground, and planetary view
  • Story mode and sandbox mode for varied gameplay


Use a network of conveyor belts and drones to automate a base capable of producing valuable resources and ensuring survival of your colonists.


Trade resources with different factions, growing individual and global reputations based on how quickly contracts can be fulfilled. Purchase needed materials and sell off the surplus.

Multilevel Gameplay

Craft vehicle hangars and power supplies on the surface of the moon. Mine and build machinery underground. Send rovers and cargo trucks to various waypoints from the planetary view.

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