Sony Pictures Classics Acquiring the Copyrights of “RubenBrandt, Collector”


Sony Pictures Classics has won the copyright of the Hungarian animated film “RubenBrandt, Collector” in North America and Latin America, which is scheduled to be released in 2019. Gabriella Hámori, Iván Kamarás and Zalán Makranczi participated in the dubbing while Milorad Krstic wrote and directed the film.

The film tells the story of the famous psychotherapist Brandt who was forced to steal 13 paintings from world-famous museums and private collections to prevent himself from having nightmares because of the subconscious information he received as a child. Brandt quickly became the world’s most wanted criminal, with criminal gangs and headhunters hunting him worldwide, and the bounty rising to nearly $100 million. Subsequently, an insurance company commissioned Mike Kowalski, a private detective and chief expert of art theft, to resolve the “collectors case”.



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