IMAX 3D Prehistoric Adventure Alpha Issuing Trailer of the Same Name

The prehistoric Adventure IMAX 3D blockbuster Alpha will be launched on domestic Cinema Chain on September 7th, and releases important news today. The trailer introduces the audience into the thrilling prehistoric wilderness. The poster “Wolf-Humans Covenant” is creative, striking the emotions of current audiences with five different design concepts. The film has been on screen in North America, gaining 84% freshness on ROTTEN TOMATOES at its initial release, evaluated by foreign medias as “Charming as Life of Pi.

Alpha Winning Acclaim at Premiere, “Wolf – Human Companionship” Reminiscent of Life of Pi

Alpha was launched in North America last week, gaining over 84% freshness on ROTTEN TOMATOES , which demonstrates its great popularity. The hot topic of “The birth of the first dog in history”, Kodi Smit-McPhee’s marvellous performance, and the high-level VFX experience won the film high praise from the North American media. The Globe and Mail and Rolling Stone remarked that “The movie must be seen on big screen” while FilmNation Entertainment remarked that, “Alpha is a surprise on Cinema Chain this summer, with a rough and delicate fantasy story”.

Although the film was not released in China until September 7, the audience can feel the epic charm of the film from its trailer, in which the sun crosses the ancient totem to instruct the direction for the tribe, the primitive dense forest and the deserted grassland becoming the last vitality of the Ice Age. With the thought-provoking change of stars, the wonderful combination of the juvenile and the wolf, the presentation of the beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that the foreign medias view it as “Charming as Life of Pi.

The Poster Human – Wolf Covenant Released, Best Movie of the Season Launched

With the release of the trailer this time is five versions of Wolf – Human Covenant  posters, the concepts of which respectively featuring the five distinct scenes in the film, materializing the entanglements between Wolf and Man into moments. In the starry sky-themed poster, Kodak and Alpha sit quietly and look up at the sky, the light of the Great Dipper instructing the direction of home. The Wolf – Human companionship is rather moving against the sunset glow in the wilderness. In another two posters, images of Wolf and Human playing with water in the valley as well as Alpha crying into sky on the grassland show the subtle emotional relationship between the wolves. The former symbolizes that the partners still hold an optimistic attitude in difficult situations while the latter present the vast universe in the ancient epochs. It is worth noting that this image of Keda holding the little wolf in the poster released this time is meaningful, as the birth of the wolf represents the official birth of the species “canine”. Human history has also changed since that moment, with the Wolf – Human and Canine – Human companionship beginning.

The presentation of the Wolf – Human relationship in the film is also under fervent discussion by North American medias. Some media commented that “the moving depiction of humans and animals satisfy all the expectations of the audience”and that“A moving legend on survival, exalting the emotional relationship between human beings and their best friends”. As a masterpiece that refreshes eyes and minds, Alpha will guide the audience through a spiritual journey on “friendship”, “growth” and “fetters”.

The film was invested and produced by Studio 8, who had invested in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ang Lee, directed by Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli), starred by Kodi Smit-McPhee (X-Men: Apocalypse ), Leonor Varela (Odd Thomas), Natassia Malthe (Dungeon Siege II ) and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Atomic Blonde). In addition to IMAX 3D, the film will be released in 2D,3D,DMAX 3D,4DX and MX4D formats on September 7th



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