Possible Reality Announces the Launch of INTRACT: Avatar Creation Alpha Testing Program Now Open

The future of gaming is about to become a whole lot more personalized.

Unlocking the key to putting players directly into their favorite games, Possible Reality is excited to announce the launch of our alpha testing program for INTRACT, our proprietary avatar creation system. It’s a landmark achievement in personalized gaming, not only furthering the idea of representation in the virtual world, but delivering unparalleled quality that is applicable across platforms, consoles, and titles.

Unlike previous attempts at introducing personalized avatars into gaming environments, INTRACT aims to allow game developers to conform their users’ likeness onto existing gaming characters with ease and efficiency. With a simple 2-D image, INTRACT enables game developers the ability to turn anyone into their favorite character, finally answering the question, what would I look like as the player in a game?


Created, designed, and developed in California, INTRACT is the culmination of years of research and development by Possible Reality, an independent startup founded by Ryan Isbell and Levon Ravel. INTRACT has a very clear aim at increasing inclusivity and representation in gaming, while delivering the highest level of quality and human likeness. But rather than attempting to merely import players into gaming environments, INTRACT conforms and adapts the player’s image, rewrapping that likeness over existing characters. It’s a delicate blend never before achieved in gaming.

Our alpha testing program for developers intends to demonstrate to both developers and publishers how the INTRACT avatar creation system can be applied to any gaming platform, seamlessly integrating with existing character designs.

In addition to the launch of our alpha testing program, we are also reaching out to select media with the hopes of sharing INTRACT, our product, and platform with your readers and viewers.


Of course if you have any questions, we’re happy to discuss Possible Reality and INTRACT at length, and can even arrange more information, directly from our founders, Ryan Isbell and Levon Ravel.

For now, we invite you to visit Possible Reality.co for more information on our company, our mission, and INTRACT. The alpha testing program is now open, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to future opportunities to connect as we continue to introduce INTRACT and future products and projects.

About Possible Reality:

Founded in 2017 by CEO Ryan Isbell, Possible Reality set out with a mission to personalize the gaming industry by putting players directly in the game. Creating and developing its proprietary INTRACT avatar creation system, Possible Reality has unlocked the key to conforming individual likeness within gaming environments, bringing players directly into their favorite games.

A completely independent, grassroots venture, Possible Reality is the collaboration of Isbell’s vision and lead developer Levon Ravel.


Source: possiblereality

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