Popular animated series “Leo and Tig” will be shown on ‘Gubbare’ in India

Two seasons of the popular animated series “Leo and Tig”, produced by the Parovoz Studio for Digital Television Russia company, will become a part of broadcasting grid of a new Indian Kid’s entertainment channel – ‘Gubbare’.

Digital Television Russia, along with its partner Nucleus Media Rights, have signed an agreement with India-based IN10 Media Network’s Kids’ channel ‘Gubbare’ for its sale rights to air two seasons of their popular animation series –Leo and Tig.

The show has garnered love and appreciation from kids not just in Russia, but across the globe, making it one of the most loved shows worldwide. With the show coming to Gubbare, young Indian viewers will get to enjoy the adventures of two inseparable friends Leo and Tig at the comfort of their native language –Hindi.

The friendship of Leo and Tig isn’t new to Indian viewers, as the Russian Animated Film Festival in Chennai and the International Children and Film Festival in Mumbai brought about a chance to the young participants to meet the animated series duo, for the first time.

IN10 Media Network, India’s home-grown media Network Company, offers several entertainment brands across Broadcast, Digital and Production under its network of the umbrella. Gubbare – ‘Masti Ke Phuwarre’, the network’s latest offering, is a Kids’ entertainment channel, targeting the young viewers of India between the ages group of 2-14. Gubbare offers an extensive mix of exciting characters and innovatively told stories, with a combination of originals and acquired content across shows and movies. A 24- hour channel, Gubbare hosts complete entertainment for kids across multiple genres. The channel is a part of ‘Apna Epic Value Pack’ and is available across all major DTH and cable operators across India.

The show will air every day three times a day at 9 am, 12 noon and 8 pm.

‘Leo and Tig’ is an animated series that depicts the adventures of a small, restless leopard named ‘Leo’ and his best friend ‘Tig’ – the tiger. Every day these two young friends explore their amazing neighbourhood of the Far East, grasping new things about the world around them, embracing kindness, friendship, and the importance of mutual co-existence in nature, along their journey.

In the second season, Leo and Tig return with new adventures and beautiful stories, while meeting Lily the monkey. Together they travel around the world, making new friends along the way learning about new customs and traditions of the world.

The prototypes of the main characters are made in such a way that showcases one of the unique rare animal species i.e. the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard that are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species. Today, about 520 Amur tigers are found in Russia, and the population of the Far Eastern leopard does not exceed more than 80. Along with entertaining the kids, the show will also give an insight into the rare animal species of the world.

With a huge young global fan base, Leo and Tig is expected to garner the love of Indian Kids, to become one of their most favourite television show.


About Digital Television Russia

Digital Television Russia is a leading multiscreen media company focusing on kids’ entertainment regionally and globally. In just two years DTR has become the leader on kids’ media market in Russia and owns 14 original IPs that are distributed online and offline.

DTR has a wide range of products and services including but not limited to thematic TV channels – 19 channels of different genres including entertainment, educational, children’s, drama and documentary channels, a branded OTT platform, mobile apps and games, YouTube channels, VR, theatrical distribution, toy stores, festivals and production studio (Parovoz).

For more details visit: https://digitalrussia.tv/en/


About IN10 Media Network

IN10 Media Network is a parent company to diverse businesses in the media and entertainment industry. With deeply entrenched roots in the creative community and a long association with premium content, the businesses in its folds—including EPIC TV, ShowBox, Filamchi, Gubbare, EPIC ON, DocuBay, Juggernaut Productions, and Platanista Games – covering every aspect of the content life-cycle across platforms. Led by entrepreneur Aditya Pittie, IN10 Media Network has its efforts focused on building world-class brands.

For more details visit: https://www.in10media.com/


About Gubbare

Launched in 2020, Gubbare is positioned to cater to the entertainment needs of children between the age group of 2 and 14 years, promising them a bundle of laughter, joy, and mischief through a variety of shows through the animated characters and stories. The 24-hour Hindi Kids Channel offers an interesting mix of originals and acquired series and movies to bring qualitative content to the young members of the Indian audience.


About Nucleus Media Rights

Based in London, Los Angeles, Milan, Mumbai, and Seoul, Nucleus Media Rights has been operating as a solely integrated studio from concept creation to production and distribution. Developing and producing original ideas as well as based upon successful books. We cater to global audiences including adults (Drama series), children, and family viewers (Animation T.V. series and features).



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