One Military Camp, the story behind a peaceful game in times of war

Spanish team Abylight Studios is developing One Military Camp (releases on Q1 2023). It is a game set in an abandoned military camp, from a humane and humorous perspective, far from classic war games.

How is it possible? A game set in a military camp with no battles or violence in it? You are right. Player´s goal is restoring this old camp, abandoned in the last unconquered territory. We are the last line of defense against evil Dragan, but the way we are beating him has little to do with combat.

We will have to build, improve and maintain different types of buildings, conduct scientific research and manage supplies so we don’t run out of food or energy. But our main resource is people; Civilians and soldiers alike living in our camp and whose wellbeing is crucial so everything works.

One Military Camp has a great sense of humor. Not only You will find tons of easter eggs from classic movies, but also men and women in our camp will have to endure some crazy situations.  Once they go through our training program,  they can be sent in risky missions to regain territories from Dragan´s hands.

Inspiration behind the game

One Military Camp is more than a “managing game”. It is inspired in classic strategy games such as Evil Genius (Rebellion, 2004) or Theme Hospital (EA, 1997) and resembles movies like Heartbreak Ridge, An Officer and a Gentleman or Full Metal Jacket, in which you can see the way bootcamps were.

But we wanted to show a unique perspective, so we introduced references from other games, such as Hogs of War (Gremlin Interactive, 2000) which had a sense of humor and great characters. We almost forgot… there is some inspiration from Black Sabbath music too, and our game was called War Pigs for some time.

One Military Camp is an “indie” game with attention to detail. We are not only focused in fun, but also a well balanced gameplay, polished graphics and deep progression.

Our team, lead by Eva Gaspar is young (we like to think so), but at the same time we work with with some industry veterans, making games since  ZX Spectrum and Game Boy times.

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