Create highly accurate, customized, and production-ready AI models to power your speech and computer vision AI applications.

What Is the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit?

Creating an AI/machine learning model from scratch requires mountains of data and an army of data scientists. Now, you can speed up the model development process with transfer learning —a popular technique that extracts learned features from an existing neural network model to a new customized one.

The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, built on TensorFlow and PyTorch, is a low-code version of the NVIDIA TAO framework that accelerates the model training process by abstracting away the AI/deep learning framework complexity. The TAO Toolkit lets you use the power of transfer learning to fine-tune NVIDIA pretrained models with your own data and optimize for inference—without AI expertise or large training datasets.

Key Benefits

rain Models Easily

The TAO toolkit is a low-code solution that lets you train models with Jupyter notebooks, eliminating the need for AI framework expertise.

TAO toolkit helps you build highly accurate AI models for your use-case.

Build Highly Accurate AI

Use NVIDIA pretrained models and model architectures to create highly accurate and custom AI models for your use-case.

TAO toolkit allows you to optimize the model for inference.

Optimize For Inference

Go beyond customization and achieve up to 4X performance by optimizing the model for inference.

TAO toolkit helps you deploy optimized models with ease.

Deploy With Ease

Deploy optimized models using NVIDIA DeepStream for vision AI, Riva for speech AI, and Triton Inference Server™.

What Are Pretrained AI Models?

Pretrained AI/deep learning models have been trained on representative datasets and fine-tuned with weights and biases. You can quickly and easily customize these models with only a fraction of real-world or synthetic data, compared to training from scratch.

Pretrained Models For Vision AI

Create custom deep learning models for computer vision tasks like image processing and classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation using 100+ NVIDIA-optimized model architectures.

You can also use task-based models to recognize human actions and poses, detect people in crowded spaces, detect and classify vehicles and license plates, and much more.

Pretrained Models for Conversational AI

Design personalized real-time call center experiences, smart kiosks, and other conversation AI services by fine-tuning Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) , Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Text-to-Speech (TTS)-based modes.

For more detailed information, please check:https://catalog.ngc.nvidia.com/orgs/nvidia/teams/tao/resources/tao-getting-started



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