Nova Core Chaos is Released!

Belgian indie studio ROGUE6 celebrates the release of their debut title: Nova Core Chaos now!

Embark on a chaotic culinary journey with Nova Core Chaos, a delightful co-op cooking game for up to five players! Join forces with adorable robot pals to craft and deliver energy cores tailored to customers’ desires, unleashing their inner Novas. But beware, time is of the essence – these eager customers won’t tolerate delays!


Nova Core Chaos is currently part of the Dinos vs Robots event on Steam and has a playable demo for all to enjoy! Immediately after the event ends on March 4th, the full game will be 100% free on Steam for all to savor: No ads, no hidden fees, no paid DLC – just a free game to enjoy with your friends. ​


Calling all achievement hunters! Nova Core Chaos serves up a delightful opportunity to earn a whopping 20 Steam Achievements, all on the house! Get ready to cook up a storm of accomplishments with the robotic crew!


If you already want an early taste over the weekend, you can request the full version of the game and will get 5 codes to play with your friends:

Via the devs:

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Nova Core Chaos “Out Now” Trailer:

About the game

Nova Core Chaos is a chaotic co-op cooking game for one to five players. Play as one of five adorable robot classes and follow the recipes to make energy cores. Give these to your customers to help them evolve into Novas!

Key features

  • Dynamic Core Crafting: Fulfill the demands of a flood of robot customers by crafting energy cores with precision. Refine shapes and fill them with the right energy sources to avoid customer wrath. With 20 unique combinations, keep your focus sharp to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid losing the game.

  • 5 unique playstyles: Dive into the robotic fray and pick your flavor from a lineup of five distinct Novas! Each Nova brings its own zesty flair to crafting energy cores. Harness their unique abilities to turbocharge the workflow as you try to keep the chaos under control!

For up to 5 Players: Whip up a storm flying solo or rustle up some robotic teamwork with up to 5 friends! Simply invite a buddy from your Steam friends list, and kick those energy cores into overdrive together!

Will you be the one to create the most Novas in your friend group? Refine your tactics as an individual or as a team and test your limits!

For more updates, follow the developers on Twitter or join their Discord!

About ROGUE6

ROGUE6 is a fledgling Belgian game studio aiming to make their mark on the world through their fun and joyful games. They are a small team of talented and motivated generalist game developers, freshly graduated from LUCA School Of Arts (Genk).

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