NGDC Grand Finals: Who are the Final Three?

The sixth season of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest is getting closer to its culmination, as it moves to selection of the Final Three.

The NGDC board of experts will select the strongest three contestants from the pool of finalists that qualified earlier this season. A highlight of the Game Wave Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, the Final Three will compete on 28 November before a live audience for the prestigious NGDC Season VI Game of the Year title.

Here are all this season’s finalists:

Banana Republic by Skinnyboy Interactive (SA)

Banana Republic is an open world RPG fighting game based on the economic and political struggles faced by people in a fictional place located south of Africa. A player will be required to control a former political leader in an attempt stop opposition parties from tainting their name and image.

th African developer Skinnyboy Interactive qualified at Africa Games Week in SA.

Mondrian – Plastic Reality by Lantana Games (US)

In Mondrian – Plastic Reality, you play as five 20th Century artists uncovering their lost masterpieces. Orbital brick breaking gameplay will challenge you in six game modes. Create your own masterpieces with the Mondrian Maker level editor. Color your world with dynamic, Razer™ Chroma RGB harmonies. The canvas is waiting.

US-based Lantana Games qualified at the WAM Hackathon in Slovenia (online).

Rough Justice: ’84 by Gamma Minus (Germany)

Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive. Advise your team on the best course of action, through strategy, calculated decisions and a bit of luck. Use dice and cards to turn the odds in your favor in this neon ’80s management game.

German studio Gamma Minus qualified at Global Games Pitch (online).

SquadBlast by UltraHorse Entertainment (UK)

SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scroller shooter. It features deep gameplay that is meticulously balanced for fairness and incredibly easy to pick up and play. In SquadBlast, every bullet matters. Its diverse tactics lend themselves to a variety of battle modes from TDM to Capture the Point to Payload.

UK located UltraHorse Entertainment qualified at the NG22 Spring conference in Malmö, Sweden.

Candle Knight by Dracma Studios (Mexico)

A 2.5D action adventure game in which players take control of an enchanted candle holder in an abandoned castle where an enigmatic threat has taken over. Explore the castle’s halls and solve the forgotten mysteries behind its downfall; battle terrifying creatures and bring back the light with the power of your flame.

Dracma Studios qualified at the BIG Festival in Brazil.

CAMPS by Escapism Softworks (Finland)

Take control and lead your team to the victory. The game features a variety of military vehicles, weapons and tactical abilities. Perform planned maneuvers and show everyone your tactical skills over the map.

Finnish Escapism Softworks qualified through the special qualifier as part of the Game Wave Festival in Estonia.

Everdream Valley by Mooneaters (Poland)

Everdream Valley is a magical open-world farming adventure game in which the player can take on the role of various animals living in the valley. During the day, he takes care of the farm, growing crops, raising animals, fighting pest infestations and exploring the valley where the farm is located. At some point, however, he begins to have strange dreams. During those dreams he can for example defend the farm from wolves as a dog, search for lost ducklings as a mother duck or travel through the sky above the farm in the body of a magpie. From now on, the player must not only take care of the farm, but also solve the mystery of the strange dreams.

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