“Monkey Magic” is Scheduled for September 22

Today, the long-awaited 3D animated film Monkey Magic officially announced the finale on September 22nd, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the same time, the “Dinghai Shenzhen” version of the fixed-post poster was released, officially entering the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Monkey King Guards the Golden Hoop Bar

As can be seen from the poster, the 300-pound Dasheng back is domineering to the side of the picture, and the golden hoop in the hand emits a mysterious light. I don’t know if the Great Saint will wave this unintentional golden hoop to fight. The back of the great saint that does not reveal the true face of the mountain is full of suspense, and it is more and more anticipating its positive image. The whole poster is of superior quality, and the details of different hairs in different positions such as the head, shoulders and back of the hand show the high quality requirements of the whole film.

As for the big saint on the screen, when will the golden hoop stick out? What is the relationship between the little blue monkey and the great saint in the pilot poster? And how does Da Sheng become fat? And what exactly does the big saint look like? When does the villain appear? These questions will have to wait for your answer to the movie on September 22.

Going through Years of Polishing, Demonstrating the High Quality

Monkey Magic lasted for four years, and the creators made countless technological innovations and art attempts to finally polish this high-quality 3D animated film. In the performance of the screen, “The Westward Journey” uses the domestic first-class visual expression of the screen, and the film in every scene is presented with the best efforts to enrich the details and strive for perfection. From the small grass and wood in the Huaguoshan to the hair on the big saint and the little blue monkey Sun Wuyuan, in order to produce the best results, the creative team tested several versions in order to make this work more Good presentation.

In the character setting, the creative team is also striving for innovation. In addition to the well-known Sun Wukong became 300 pounds of fat Goku, but also joined the small blue monkey Sun Wuyuan, the blue monkey’s setting according to the director is from the historical allusion, Sun Wuyuan this character from India, the legendary time to learn The monkey is blue, so I set Sun Wuyuan’s color to blue, and also to distinguish it from Sun Wukong.

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