Kungfood Publishing Features that Gain High Praise

Kungfood Publishing Features that Gain High Public Praise

When the film Kungfood published its feature videos with public praise, foodies complimented it with “Yummy!” and mothers speak highly of it online. As the most delicious Animated “Family” film during the summer holiday, Kungfood is an edutainment that brings a meaningful holiday for kids and wins support and favor of parents at the same time. Referred to as a “Hollywood Animation”, the film is going to be screened nationwide on August 17th.

The Most Delicious Domestic Animation Film Produced with a 10-Year IP

Kungfood recently published a video that won high praise, in which foodies of every size crowded the cinema, rushing to relish the delicious feast in the weekend. When asked what impressive delicacies are there in the film, the kids listed every fine foods appearing in their mind, “Tofu, dumplings, cotton candies, cheese cakes…” Drooling as they said, the kids were starving when they watched the movie.

Adults interpreted this animation film from a different perspective, “It has a distinctive Chinese style, with every scene meticulously made.” “It is original and imaginative, owning smooth motions.” As the director of the most delicious animation film during the summer holiday, Sun Haipeng said, a great number of food-destroying scenes were designed in the film to make the food more appealing, such as the Tofu Mountain being crashed, the Bread Forest swelling and exploding in a fire and the lava of the Cheese Mountain erupting. These scenes aroused the appetite of the audience enormously and starved them greatly. Such an excellent work made many professionals promote it. The singer of its theme song, Chen Yiwen, said that, “Gaining popularity among Chinese kids, this animation should also be shared worldwide.” The screenwriter of Monkey King: Hero Is Back, Mi Li, said, “We can tell that it’s a film made by a group of animation enthusiasts.” Yu Zhou, an animator from Light Chaser Animation, said, “The past 10 years on the film has been a tough time for us yet we are confident about it.”

Teaching Through Entertainment – Winning Acclaims and Recommendation from Mothers

The noted Parenting KOL Lulu posted an article online to recommend this film, saying that when bringing up kids, the principal thing is to cultivate their bravery to confront their lives, which was represented by the character Bao Qiang in the film, who pursues his heroic dream continuously despite hardships, eventually realizing his dream to be a super hero who saves the Food World and gaining a group of friends at the same time. Lu thinks that, “The kids are bound to grow up one day, leaving the glories and wings of parents. They need to keep looking for identification so as to possess excellent qualities.” The film expresses a profound and educational meaning through the leading roles of foods, who inspire children to become righteous and bravery “heroes” as well.

Mothers also recommend this film, acclaiming it as an “Oriental Animation in the Style of Hollywood”, as the characters, plots, sound effects and fluency of the motions all reach a Hollywood level. It is also considered as “initiating a new era for Chinese animation”. Besides, the film has been shortlisted and invited to attended a great many film festivals in France, Germany, South Korean, Japan and so on, receiving high praise, gaining a multitude of overseas fans and official seals, and contributing to the development of Chinese Animation.


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