Just Released! TLL 2023 Royalty Trends Report

In the face of high interest rates, low consumer confidence, the threat of a recession, worries about the impact of the War in Ukraine, and tensions with China, the 2023 survey data shows licensing companies throughout the industry are right now grappling with a very tough US market.

TLL 2023 Royalty Trends Report combines data from a number of sources, including the Licensing Sales Survey and the more recent Licensing Royalty Trends Survey, to produce an invaluable review of how the licensing industry has performed during the past year.

This unique TLL report also includes data from major economic think tanks, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the EIU, as well as recent 2023 survey data that covers:

  • Rise or fall of sales revenue by product category, and the impact on licensing royalties.
  • Changes to common licensing contract requirements, including advances, contributions to a combined marketing fund, and minimum guarantees.

And Much More!

The 2023 Royalty Trends Report will help you negotiate the best possible deal in today’s tough licensing market.

The digital version of the TLL 2023 Royalty Trends Report is available for immediate pdf download.

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Royalty Trends Report 2023

Here’s Just a Sample of What Your 2023 Report Covers:

  • Job Function, Headquarters Location and Territories of Operation of Survey Respondents
  • Estimated Annual Retail Sales of Licensed Products of Responding Companies
  • Licensed Brands and Properties of Respondents
  • How Respondents Calculate their Royalty Rates
  • Average Range of Royalties for Responding Companies
  • Survey Respondent’s Opinion: Did Royalty Rates Overall Increase, Stay the Same or Decrease?
  • Royalty Rate Trends by Product Category, Brands/Properties and Countries/Regions
  • Royalty Rate/Range by Product Categories
  • Do You Require or Are You Required to Make Minimum Guarantee Payments?
  • Minimum Guarantee Trends by Product Category, Brands/Properties, and Countries/Regions
  • Do You Require, or Are You Required to Make Advances?
  • Trends in Advances by Product Category, Brands/Properties, and Countries/Regions
  • Are You Required to Pay into a Central Marketing Fund?
  • Are You Required to Pay a Percentage of Profits for an Advertising Fund?

And More!

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