IMAX Released 26% Fun Feature of Ant-Man and the Wasp

Marvel’s superhero blockbuster Ant-Man and the Wasp will be launched on August 24th in the format of IMAX 3D in over 500 IMAX cinemas nationwide. Fans look forward to seeing the IMAX 3D version of the film specially tailored for IMAX cinemas which has many exciting scenes that will have 26% more content than that of ordinary cinemas. Today, IMAX released “26% Fun Feature ”, directed by Peyton Reid. “The Ant” Paul Luther, “The Wasp Girl” Evangeline Lily, “Dr. Pim” Michael Douglas and “Ghost” Hannah Jon Carmen all made an appearance and accepted an entertaining Q & A about 26%.

The film’s leading roles continued the easy, fun and funny atmosphere of the Ant-Man series from the IMAX big screen to the interview. The Wasp asked other leading roles affectionately, “If one thing in life can be 26% more, what do you wish it to be?” “Ant-Man” Paul decisively said wisdom while the “ghost” Hannah thought carefully and answered “time at home”. In the film, the interaction between the eloquent Ant-Man and the haughty Wasp will also become a highlight of the new story on the IMAX big screen. When asked, “If you have 26% more time in a day, what will you do?”, the “Ant-Man” whose tongue is as good as physical strength answered “saying 26% more words with friends” without hesitation. I don’t know if his friends can put up with his hilarious chatters. Fans also look forward to seeing new lines in Ant-Man and the Wasp on the IMAX screen.

In addition, the trailer released at the beginning of the Features suggests the main thread of the whole story. The veteran Michael Douglas who returns to the “Ant-Man” series and continues to play Dr. Pym tells the ant and the Wasp in the battle suit, “You are our only chance.” It can be anticipated that there is a bigger crisis in the new film where it is necessary for the ant and the Wasp to join forces to solve the problem. Douglas also spoke to other major roles in an interview with IMAX, “with 26% more, you will be more powerful” when the picture was transferred to a scene in the film: the Ants who dives in the San Francisco Bay Area once again showed his flexibility and became a huge version of the ant, which scares the passengers on the ferry when it came out of the water. The effect of the huge contrast is quite amusing, and audiences anticipate to see its effect on screen of IMAX. It is reported that Ant-Man and the Wasp appeared on the general screen with a ratio of 2.35:1, and the director deliberately converted it to the extended frame of IMAX. Some of the highlights will be presented on IMAX HD at a ratio of 1.9:1. On the screen, 26% more than that of the content of the ordinary cinema version will bring the audience into the movie world and immerse them in it. Follow the protagonists and immerse yourselves between the macro and micro. Enjoy the movie experience brought by the unique “IMAX 3D Edition”.


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