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CGGE: What is the relationship between Guanhe and Jiamu?

A: Guanhe Culture is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiamu Digital Technology Co. Ltd., with the aim to make the business more precise, specific and perfect.

CGGE: Currently Guanhe owns a wide range of business that crosses industries. Can you briefly introduce its business, and how the business that crosses industry, contents and media help build its brand in the future?

A: From the very beginning, we focused on a cross-industry integration, hoping to integrate more industries through cultural means and the Internet. We started researching and developing AR technology with the Japanese technical team when the concept of AR was not popular. Through our understanding and experience of 3D animation, we developed LiveAR products. Combining motion-capturing with AR technology, we produced a system of high quality and developed it into a high-tech visual experience product with our experience in film & television. We hope that such a system can be applied to the game industry, which integrates film, animation and games. The idea was good, but the market did not recognize it at the time, as the whole system is complicated and not suitable for modern people who seek convenience and efficiency. It can only be used for large-scale activities. Therefore, we have learned that if we want to integrate contents of more industries, we must establish a thorough understanding of each industry. We should care more about the market besides techniques, as user habits are the key to innovating products. Of course, the failure will not prevent us from trying. We are still exploring the combination of television & film and games to make amazing products and content.

CGGE: Your company has produced a lot of game videos and cartoons. A good game video represents the best of a game and attracts more players. In the game video production business, how can we meet the requirements of the game company, and present the most thrilling parts of the game to the player within just a few minutes. Will the current national restrictions on games affect the production of future game videos? Will Guanhe develop its own game content?

A: Currently Jiamu is the top game video company in China. We have hundreds of game video producers with a fine division of labor among them, including playwright-director, creative planning, film crews, and even program developers. This system is formed through eight years of exploration. There are many detours in the middle, but the detour is often the introduction to teach people how to go next. The game developers want  to attract more players through the videos. Based on their demand, we designed each climax based on the player’s mentality, expectations, preferences, stories, etc., so that we can turn the audience into players. When the player generates emotions and generates recognition for a game video that he or she approves, it will self-propagation. At this time, our task is achieved.

The state’s restriction on games is a good thing, as it constrains game makers who only make quick money and have no ingenuity, while presents a good opportunity for high-level game makers. For example, Netease has always developed high-quality games with ingenuity and conscience. They will develop better as the national policy merely restricts bad games.

In the future, we will not develop our own game content, as our goal is to do the upstream and downstream assistance for high-level manufacturers, instead of trying to fight for profits. The market trend is fairly obvious, why should we damage ourselves in the fierce competition?

CGGE: The original hilarious drama “piapia Divine Doctor” series receives positive response on the Internet, yet its sequel has not been released. Will it continue in the future or has it been cancelled? Will Jiamu launch more online movies and share it with everyone?

A: The “piapia doctor” series has been shackled as the current online drama market is distinct from the previous ones. We made this drama without the intention to make a profit. Therefore, the investment is not big, and there are many defects in the content. Nowadays, the domestic online dramas are elaborate. If we don’t have a bigger investment and better content, we will not screen it before the audience. After we have experienced the online drama and the Internet, our will try to make higher-quality film and television. I hope producers can have good conscience in making film and television drama, instead of doing low-quality ones.

CGGE: In the future, which kind of business will Jiamu Films Co. Ltd. focus on, and how will it integrate its brand with others’? will it launch its own film & television brand, and then develop a industry chain for the brand?

A: In the future, Guanhe Culture will be merged with Star Media (a brand we have created) to present content with the help of Star Media’s brand. We will mainly produce new media content and develop it in the direction of master brokers and e-commerce. As the simple film and television production can not meet the requirements of mass market, we need to cultivate more talents to show talent and personality. The era of publicity requires people with a desire to express.

In the future, Jiamu and Stars will refine their division of labor and, while integrate with each other to developing simultaneously. As for whether it will become an industry chain pattern, we will keep adjusting ourselves according to changes in the market.

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Interview source: Sophia

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