Happy International Animation Day!

130 years ago of Ocg 28, Charles-Émile Reynaud presented the world’s first animations to an audience at the Grévin Museum in Paris, France. Reynaud used Théâtre Optique, his own invention of mirrors, lights, and images, to showcase his animations to the masses.

He screened Phantomimes Lumineuses, a collection of 3 cartoons;Each of the three animations consisted of 500 to 600 individually painted images and ran for about 15 minutes. Reynaud acted as the projectionist and a piano player accompanied him. Actors on the side provided the dialogue. The show ran until 1900 and was seen by half a million people.  The rest are history.

In 2002, the International Animated Film Association (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) created this unofficial holiday to commemorate the day when animation had its first public appearance.

Set up by ASIFA to celebrate the art form we all love, its a time to reflect on what makes animation special for all of us.  On International Animation Day, MAF honour Reynaud’s achievement with a day that celebrates the art of animation and how it continues to inspire and connect us every day.

And what better way to celebrate it than to enjoy our #MAF2022 trailer! Filled with tasty snippets of what to expect at this year’s event, the trailer gives a glimpse of the amazing films on offer alongside the bumper lineup of talks, Q&As, workshops, panels and much, much more. Has the trailer got you wanting more?

Tickets and passes for MAF 2022 are on sale now! Short films are back on the big screen with our selection of short, student, commissioned, shorts for children and immersive films in competition. All categories are up for one of our amazing awards!

Showcasing a diverse array of international animation talent and design, this year’s ‘mix tapes’ are our platform for showing short films in competition and they are sure to make your festival highlights. Catch them in Animated Mix Tape: Part 1 and Animated Mix Tape: Part 2

Our New Animated Voices: Part 1 and New Animated Voices: Part 2 programmes provide a platform for students in the animation industry to show us what they’ve been working on.

Commercial Curiosities is a chance to see some of your favourite animated stars of the small screen all in one place, celebrating the talent of commissioned films and advertisements. This years selection has well known faces from Paddington Bear to Jarvis Cocker and advertising adventures that see thrilling rooftop chases, trips to the stars and workplace unruliness all delivered through a myriad of creative methods.

Why should adults have all of the fun? Featuring the best in contemporary animated children’s short films from around the world our Shorts for Children package is perfect for both the young of age and the young at heart. Join us as we venture to a beautiful coral reef, meet a scarecrow, witness a meeting between a diver & astronaut, laugh at some very silly pooches and much more in these fantastic family shorts.

Our Immersive screening was announced on Mon 31 Oct and you’re in for a 360 degree treat! Pushing narrative theatrics into an interactive and engaging space our Immersive Film selection will be screening throughout the Festival.

The festival will last one week from Nov. 13 to Nov. 18.

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