Games for Change Award winners 2023

The Games for Change recently took place for the 20th time, and, as we mentioned in a previous newsletter, the awards are a central part of the event, honouring games that spark change in society. Time to highlight a few of the winners! Endling took the most important title as the winner of the Game of the Year and Most Significant Impact awards, while the best Narration went to Gerda: A Flame in Winter. Two games that we did not know before stood out to us: Cat Park, which won Best Civics Game, and (Val)iant: or, val’s guide to having a broken vag, which won Best Student Game. In Cat Parkyou’ll become part of a group campaign against a new park just for cats. By spreading disinformation, manipulating images and crafting emotional messages, you’ll not only try to raise allies, but might also become more aware of media manipulation. In (val)iant (also available for free!), you’ll play as a college student that explores their relationship with their body and sexuality, and ultimately get to know more about how we as a society think and learn about sex.

Check out all Award Nominees:

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