” Frog Prince Adventures 2″

Animated film “Frog Prince Adventures 2” has been officially announced! It will be released in theaters nationwide on November 12, 2022. To allow the audience to enjoy the film in advance, it will also be screened nationwide on November 5 and 6! The witty and brave frog prince and the heroic Fandika will together bring a wonderful adventure to the children!

“Frog Prince Adventures 2” tells the story of the Prince Sai Wei who, while looking for his good friend Fandika, accidentally turned into a little frog named Baron. Prince Sai Wei and Fandika were arguing during sword practice when Fandika ‘s sword was hit down a cliff. While searching, they mistakenly entered the fairy kingdom, which was experiencing a crisis. Through the adventure, Sai Wei understood what real friendship is, and the two finally set aside their differences and worked together to defeat the frog king and save the fairy kingdom…

The film is the second major production in the “Frog Prince Adventures” series. On the basis of continuing the story of the original classic, whether in script, setting, character modeling, animation special effects, film tone, songs, etc., bold innovations were made and details carefully explored in this sequel.

Through wonderful and exciting adventures, the film transmits positive, optimistic and cheerful energy to children, so that children can harvest the power of courage and love. In the film, the strong friendship between the two protagonists encourages us to cherish every sincere friend we meet in life; the fairy princess Demi’s growth also lets us know that in the face of difficulties, only constantly strengthening oneself shall help one withstand the fierce wind and rain.

The film creates a fantasy fairy tale world, which not only satisfies children’s beautiful imagination of the fairy tale world, but also conveys the frog prince’s spirit of firm determination, persistence, perseverance, fearlessness and bravery.


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