Epic Games Forms New Partnership to Release Epic Skateboards

It’s time to take Fortnite to the streets — and to the heads and feets.

Sakar International and Epic Games have announced a new partnership to bring Fortnite fans a line of skateboards and helmets based on the popular game, in a deal facilitated by IMG.

Gamers across the U.S. will begin to see Fortnite-themed skateboards online for Black Friday and helmets in early 2023. Fans can choose from ready-to-ride skateboard models, individual decks, and protective helmets in a variety of designs and styles. These new products will encourage fans to stay adventurous both in and out of the game.

“We are very excited to bring gamers everywhere the opportunity to represent Fortnite even when they’re not playing,” said Ralph Sasson, COO of Sakar. “Fortnite has become an iconic piece of pop culture, and Sakar couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Epic Games on this new line of products.”

The skateboards and helmets will feature fan-favorite Fortnite characters and imagery from the game. Just as players can customize their Outfits in-game they will have their choice of the coolest designs for their new rides and accessories.

The skateboards and helmets will feature fan-favorite Fortnite characters and imagery from the game, providing players another way to interact with the brand. Just like the customizable outfits in the game, people can choose their designs for new rides and accessories.

Gamers across the U.S. will begin to see the skateboards online for Black Friday, Nov. 25, and the helmets in early 2023.

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