De Feng Li Da Group Invested to Produce the Animated Film “Super Bear”

On October 4, 2018, the animated film “Hip-Hung Ying Xiong” jointly produced by Defeng Lida finally met with everyone in the major cinemas.

The “Hip-Hopred Bear” jointly produced by Defeng Lida Investment is based on the story that human beings are forced to separate from their families because of the interest in poaching animals. At the beginning of the film, Dad Dashan was preparing a delicious meal for his son, hip-hop. There was a sudden gunshot in the jungle, and hip-hop was kidnapped by an evil poaching gang. The original joyful atmosphere was also broken. The phrase “Daddy saves me” has become the beginning of Dashan’s efforts to rescue his son.

With the help of the agent dog, Dashan gradually approached the secret base of his son, hip-hop, with high-tech equipment and strict plans. In the process of rescuing his son, hip hop, there were still many animals controlled by poaching gangs like hip hop waiting to be rescued, and a battle to protect and save animals was kicked off.

In the film jointly produced by Defeng Lida Investment, the separation of mother and child caused by the arrest of the head of the poaching organization, Snake King, and the sadness of the father and son after separation, made many viewers feel bad. And the courageous bear dad Dashan, as well as the omnipotent agent dog, in order to save the trapped animal group and the bad guys fighting and fighting, the behavior of fighting hard, I believe that many children can understand the difficult environment of animal survival through the plot in the film. The importance of protecting animals.

There is a relationship between the father and the child. Just like the song “Father and Son” in the spring evening: I have full love in my heart, but I can’t tell. In real life, this role of the father is always not good at expression or very strict. In the eyes of the child, the father is “slow in feelings” and does not know how to care for himself.

But in fact, the seemingly cold and hearty father, when the child faces difficulties and setbacks, can always try his best to protect his children and give directions in the future life path. Therefore, the film produced by Defeng Lida Investment Co., Ltd. for the bear “Hip Hop” after quarreling with his father “Dashan”, hip-hop misunderstanding that his father will not care that he will only be like a “machine gun” and its plot can be portrayed. Said to be very real.

In the play, when the father “Dashan” wants to surprise himself after the bear “hip-hop” regardless of danger, the seemingly harsh “big mountain” is also the epitome of many parents in real life, because parents know that if they don’t care for their children, Explain the truth, there will be more dangers in the future.

When the bear “Hip-Hop” was taken away, in order to save his son hip-hop, Xiong Dad “Dashan” waded through the mountains and suffered many hardships. Although he was on the edge of the cliff, his eyes were firm, showing his determination to rescue his son. Father’s love is like the meaning of “mountain”, which makes many viewers tearfully.

The film produced by Defeng Lida Investment Co., Ltd., whether it is tears or laughter, bear dad Dashan and Xiao Xiong Haha brought us full of emotion.

How people and animals live in harmony and how to express love between father and son (female) is not only a compulsory course for children to grow up, but also an important topic for adults. Defeng Lida invested in the production of the film “Hip-Hopred Bear” with the image of the animal that is deeply loved by children as the carrier, and the cute image of Mengbao Hip-Hop, and the image of Xiong Dashan’s deep and determined father-in-law are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


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