CHINAJOY ACG CON focuses on the comprehensive development of the ACG industry

On August 4th, 2019 ChinaJoy conference, CHINAJOY ACG CON, was held in Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel.  Around the themes of “painting and craftsmanship”, “being together” and “concentric”, guests from the ACG industry at home and abroad enthusiastically discussed the opportunities and challenges of ACG industry development, the authorization and empowerment of animation IP, and the social culture of the second dimension.


The conference was hosted by Ms. Chen Jie, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dimension Culture.

Ms. Wang Wei, Vice President of China Literature Group, pointed out that network literature has the advantages of high traffic conversion, high adaptability and easy conversion of commercial value, which helps its IP to be adapted.  In the adaptation of IP content, the enterprises need to think about how to reduce the gap between the reader’s imagination and the content of the adaptation, animation can narrow this gap because of its imaginative capability, and provide a reference for the realization of the presentation.  In the process of complementing animation and web, the ACG industry has unlimited possibilities.


Wang Wen, Vice President of China Literature Group

Mr. Kim Yoshio, Director of the International Licensing Division of Kodansha Co., Ltd., mentioned that Kodansha uses original IP authorization for animation adaptation, game adaptation, game IP linkage and other forms to make secondary use of the original work, and join efforts with partners to extend the life of original IP.  He also said that Kodansha does not stop at the licensing business, but also hopes to cooperate with game company to fully take advantages of the strength of both sides and create original IP games.


Kosei Yoshio, Minister of International Authorization, Kodansha Co., Ltd.

n the speech on the theme of Sparkly Key Animation, Mr. Cao Jiwei, Vice President of Hangzhou Sparkly Key Animation, said that ingenuity is a kind of craftsman spirit, and it is not only a technique but also a spirit.  This kind of sentiment is reflected in the pursuit of exquisiteness and detail when creating characters and scenes for a series of works such as ” “The Legend of Qin”, “Tian Xing Jiu Ge”, “Wu Geng Ji” and so on.  It is also reflected in traditional culture and creativity.  The refinement and integration, like “The Legend of Qin”, combines the core ideas of the ancestors of the pre-Qin period with the unique ideas to integrate the martial arts expressions.  This respect for the integration of traditional culture is in itself an ingenuity. However, he also pointed out that while pursuing ingenuity, it is also necessary to grasp the efficiency and convey the beauty of Chinese culture with current technology.


Vice President of Hangzhou Sparkly Key Animation, Mr. Cao Jiwei

Ms. Ogura Linda, head of Tokyo TV Animation Business China Region, believes that Japan’s animation industry chain is mature and needs to focus more on overseas market.  China’s industrial chain has yet to be perfected and systematized, and it can gain experience through cooperation with Japan.  Re popular works, she pointed out that in the future, the output of popular works in the animation industry needs to consider more factors such as the target (age level, country, etc.) and market potential, to be effective.


Head of TOKYO TV Animation Business China Region, Ms Ogura Linda

Mr. Yang Lei, Vice President of Beijing Rosen Digital Technology Corp. LTD, shared the difficulties and challenges of the development of the domestic animation industry.  He pointed out that at present, the domestic animation industry has problems such as lack of industry standards, weak industrial foundation, and single business model.  This requires a platform to improve the content payment model, and also requires the brand to actively integrate the productivity of the industry.  He believes that domestic animation industry is in the start-up phase of integration, and will then usher in the real spring of the industry.


President  of  Beijing Rosen Digital Technology Vice Corp. LTD, , Mr. Yang Lei

Mr. Wang Shiyong, General Manager of Two-point Culture, indicated that Two-point Culture has constantly tried new models and new methods, cross-border cooperation with consumer goods, snacks, beverages, games and historical monuments.  Mr. Wang Shiyong pointed out that tool companies have been leading the way for decades, so IP companies can survive for a century.


2:10 Culture, General Manager, Mr. Wang Shiyong

Ms. Zheng Xiaoke, General Manager of Media Link Beijing Branch, said that the value of animation IP lies in empowerment. The foundation of empowerment is based on “understanding”.  The first being, enterprises should understand the spiritual core of IP from the perspective of market operation, and find the positioning of IP.  The second is to be able to grasp the current cultural trends and then work out IP localization.  Specifically, a new interpretation should be made for the classic IP, and a new gameplay should be set for the rookie IP.  When storing its own IP matrix, it should pay attention to the diversification and diversification of the IP type and realize the full coverage of the IP type.


Ms. Zheng Xiaoke, General Manager, Media Link Group Beijing Branch

Mr. Jiang Yande, General Manager of Derivatives Department of Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co., Ltd., said that since the wholly-owned acquisition of ChinaJoy brand, Shunwang Technology has been exploring how to use ChinaJoy’s platform to expand derivatives and maintain the year-round contact with fans. He said that Shunwang Technology is concerned about young people from millennials and generations Z, setting up new CJOY entertainment, integrating online and offline resources, and helping artists and design studios to provide better opportunities for cross-border cooperation.


General Manager, Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Entertainment Derivatives Department, Mr. Jiang Yande

Mr. Sun Jian, General Manager of SCLA, shared the experience of SCLA in IP selection and introduction.  Mr. Sun Jian said that in the IP selection, Xinchuang Hua focused on the recognition of culture and the public’s reputation.  The animation IPs that he chose to introduce, such as Conan and Altman, affected several generations in China.  He hopes that Xinchuanghua will continue to act as a transmitter of Asia’s outstanding cultural content, bringing excellent Asian culture to China, and let outstanding Chinese culture go abroad.


Mr. Sun Jian, General Manager, SCLA

In the round-table dialogue hosted by Mr. Liang Wei, Editor-in-Chief and Deputy General Manager of Tianwen Kadokawa Animation & Comics , from “culture to business opportunity, ACG authorized layout expands”, Mr. Yu Yang, Deputy General Manager of Bilibili, believes that now is a good opportunity of original IP, on one hand, the market tends to operate with IP thinking , on the other, users are accepting national IP more.  GSC’s main character is Clayman, and figure of same size is also developed.  In addition to figures and derivatives, Goodsmile is also laying out the entire industry chain.  It has three animation production companies, Thunder Flm, Trigger, and Three Dimension, mainly 3D animation production companies.  Mr. Wang Shiyong, General Manager of 2:10 Culture, believes that animals, science fiction and other subjects have more advantages in going overseas.  Two-point had tried in this direction and has achieved good results.  Mr. Lu Xiaoxu, founder of Xiaoxu Music, believes that as capital funding subsides, the entire industry is going back to rationality, and companies are more willing to focus on the quality and refined operation of content and products.


From left to right, the guests are: Mr.Liang Wei, Tianwen Kadokawa Animation & Comics Editor-in-Chief and Deputy General Manager,;Mr. Yu Yang, Deputy General Manager of Bilibili, Mr. Ding Ning, CEO of Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Inc., Mr. Wang Shiyong, General Manager of 2:10 Culture, Mr. Lu Xiaoxu, founder of Xiaoxu Music

Mr. Wen Min, General Manager of AcFun, believes that for a community product, when the fate and development of users and the community are bound together, the user’s emotional appeal will interact with the community and become part of the community’s vitality.  He summarized the secondary community culture of Station A as “young, hardcore and home” and said that Station A will invest 570 million resources to promote the change of the entire UP main ecology.


General Manager of AcFun, Mr. Wen Min


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百度貼吧總經理 彭梧


廈門優萊柏創始人兼首席執行官 朱槿


嘉賓從左至右分別為: 廈門優萊柏創始人兼首席執行官 朱槿、七創社創始人 曲曉丹、半次元聯合創始人 劉辰偉、單色彩虹動漫社團社長 王勛、漫畫島主編 沙育娣


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