Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

In the Chinese New Year of 2023, Vick and the bear brothers are looking forward to spending the New Year in the cinema with the audience! The new film “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” is, as always, full of fun and joy. Hopefully, children and adults can say goodbye to their worries and enjoy the happiness and beauty of kinship during the movie.

As many viewers have said, “When the new “Boonie Bears” movie releases, the new year is near. As a necessary annual “New Year’s item”, “Chinese New Year is the time to watch Boonie Bears with the whole family in union” has become an essential ritual for many families.

The character Mother Bear, who last appeared in the Boonie Bears series eight years ago, may appear in the new film.

The warmest place in the world is in the embrace of a mother. As the ninth “Boonie Bears” movie, “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” centers on the theme of motherly love. The long-awaited Mother Bear is finally unveiled in the movie and reunited with Briar and Bramble. Together, they overcome crises and unravel the truth behind Mother Bear’s absence all those years. The desire to protect goes both ways: the strong bond between mother and son is warm and touching.

When Briar shouted the words “I’ve grown up, now it’s my turn to protect you!”, surely many “Boonie Bears” fans will be moved by this. The two-way mother-son bond, Briar stepping forward bravely; everything in the movie illustrates that “love is the root of everything”, which “Boonie Bears” fans will most probably resonate strongly with.

In “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code”, Briar, Bramble and Vick start a new adventure involving man and robots. While the group is visiting the Robot Research Institute, they are attacked by iron-clad robots. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, storms roar and waves crash; one after another, dangers threaten the group. Meanwhile, powerful robots keep appearing without warning, leaving them at their wits’ end yet creating lots of comedic scenarios.

The new movie is a perfect match for the Chinese New Year concept of “reunion”. Hope every family can have a happy and fulfilling reunion in love and joy.

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